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Pro Bono to the Nth Power!

By May 3, 2013

A year ago April, employee Samanthia Achuff participated in a “Tech Teach-In.”  This was a program organized by Google and Community Technology Network (CTN) to help train nonprofits in technology. Samanthia spend two hours that day helping nonprofits think about how to be smarter in their use of Salesforce. She personally connected with CTN and subsequently offered to help them with their own instance of Salesforce. That engagement involved an employee team who donated 48 hours of time helping CTN with the platform.

probono-magicWe were then inspired to design a series of in-house “Success Clinics” in partnership with CTN. Samanthia and her colleagues recently hosted 20 nonprofits in our office for a series of 1:1 sessions designed to help nonprofits better understand how to configure Salesforce and improve their reporting. CTN helped us organize the event and was our nonprofit outreach partner. The nonprofits reported a high degree of satisfaction with the event and the employees had such a satisfying time that they want to do several more this year.

CTN has been a great partner for us and recently recognized Sam as one of their volunteering “Superheroes.” This snowballing activity means that in 12 months, we have been able to grow Samanthia’s initial 2 hour pro bono investment into 330 hours of pro bono service.

It’s an amazing testament to how much a single volunteer engagement can grow exponentially. Congrats Sam and thank you CTN!