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Pro Bono Program for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By November 4, 2015

Common Sense MediaSalesforce is launching a Pro Bono Program specifically for nonprofit and higher ed Marketing Cloud customers thanks to Pro Bono Pro, Hazel Richardson, Director of Productivity, Market Readiness at Salesforce. Hazel recently wrapped up our first Marketing Cloud pro bono project with Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that serves millions providing parents, teachers, and policymakers unbiased information about tech and media issues. After a successful project, Hazel has teamed up with to serve even more Foundation customers.

Hazel was drawn to Common Sense Media because she has used their services. In her words, they are “a wonderful nonprofit that provides information to families so that they can help children stay safe online and when using technology. I’ve used their movie reviews and ratings to help guide my family’s movie watching habits, so I know how valuable their services are.” Hazel worked with Ellen Seebold, Director, Social Media and Engagement, to determine how Common Sense could take advantage of Social Studio, and then she implemented the listening and publishing platform that now helps Common Sense Media manage all their social media communications.

“We started with a needs analysis so that I could understand how Common Sense Media would be using Social Studio.” Then Hazel helped tailor the product configuration to meet Ellen’s needs. She showed Ellen how to set up user social accounts and approval rules and how to manage the publishing calendar. Recently, they built topic profiles (social media searches) to monitor several campaigns that have recently been launched. Michael O’Connor, Hazel’s Salesforce colleague, joined the project to provide additional support answering questions and troubleshooting problems.

One of Hazel’s favorite experiences was seeing Ellen’s Publishing Calendar. “The extent of the communications they are pushing out was great to see. It’s also been rewarding to see how Ellen navigates around the platform so confidently now.” It’s been a valuable experience for Ellen too. “Hazel has been so wonderful from the beginning! She’s been helpful, supportive, knowledgeable, patient,” Ellen said.

After Hazel’s experience she knows pro bono volunteering is an excellent opportunity for Salesforce employees to continue honing their expertise with our products and expand their Salesforce network, both keys to success for new employees. As a result of Hazel’s encouragement and a partnership with, Marketing Cloud will incorporate pro bono volunteering and mentoring as part of the onboarding process for all new hires!

Find out more about our Pro Bono Program and apply for the next Marketing Cloud pro bono engagement! Thank you Hazel and all the Salesforce pro bono pros that champion customer success!