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Pro Bono Profiles: Salesforce Volunteers Usher Broomfield FISH Into the 21st Century

By October 28, 2016

Pro Bono ProfilesBroomfield FISH — a nonprofit dedicated to feeding and providing other community services to the underprivileged — was facing challenges all too common for nonprofits. Manual, paper-based processes. Difficulty creating reports. And a staff of under ten people (three, to be exact).

Broomfield FISHSalesforce’s very own John Marshall, Matt Canjar and Peeyush Awadhiya thought Broomfield FISH to be the perfect candidate for a pro bono engagement, and they committed themselves to it fully and passionately. Their first order of business was to render the pen, paper and fax machine obsolete by creating online intake forms and online pantry food order forms.

And then our pro bono pros empowered FISH and its volunteers — many of whom are retirees without smartphones — to use Salesforce1 on mobile iPad kiosks, allowing the organization to track client visits, demographic information, basket weights, and services provided. This ability to collect data so quickly, reliably and easily was unprecedented for FISH.

Broomfield FISH volunteersUltimately all of this data collection helped FISH create comprehensive reports for donors, grantmaking agencies, volunteers and city officials, allowing them to demonstrate real impact. By doing so, FISH maximized its fundraising potential and improved donor relations. In the past year, they’ve seen an increase in both individual and corporate donations.

This is the power of Salesforce’s technology and the generosity of Salesforce’s volunteers.

At the end of the day, these driven volunteers ushered Broomfield FISH into the 21st century, allowing the nonprofit to more effectively make good on their central mission of better serving the community by feeding and housing those in need. And they are now empowered by the data they need to continue gaining momentum into the future. But don’t take our word for it — check out their annual report. That’s what we call a success story.

Learn more about Pro Bono Week 2016 and the Pro Bono Program at Salesforce, and to follow @SalesforceOrg for more pro bono celebrations.

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