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Pro Bono Pro Helps Nonprofits on Salesforce

By February 25, 2015

Pro Bono Pro“I really enjoy doing the Initial Consultation” says Jyoti Gupta, Curriculum Designer with Salesforce University. Jyoti has worked with dozens of customers over the last year welcoming the majority of customers that apply for pro bono and guiding them through the program. At Salesforce, every organization that applies for pro bono receives an Initial Consultation. These consultations are a critical part of our program as they accomplish a variety of things:

  • They help nonprofits scope their pro bono request, which sets a pro bono project up for success.
  • They enable Salesforce volunteers identify the right project that will best utilize their specific skill set.
  • They give the applicant organizations a chance to speak to and ask questions of an expert before they engage in a pro bono project.

“I enjoy speaking with nonprofits to see how they use or want to use Salesforce. It’s great to be able to see how Salesforce is being used to improve the environment, the human condition, animal welfare, and more.” Many employees at Salesforce have volunteered their time to conduct these initial consultations, but no one more passionately than Jyoti Gupta. As a former grant writer, Jyoti knows how important it is for nonprofits to be able to raise resources. And, she also knows how powerful Salesforce can be in enabling organizations to raise those funds. Through our Pro Bono Program Jyoti makes the connection between nonprofits who need assistance with Salesforce and employees who can lend their expertise.

In addition to supporting Foundation customers, Jyoti is also a huge asset to her colleagues and She is the first person to offer support to her fellow employees who are seeking a bit of guidance before starting their own pro bono project. She has trained several other employees on the Initial Consultation process and she leverages her curriculum design skills to create new tools and resources that help our Salesforce employees execute pro bono projects – amazing! In fact, when launched our Week of Code last year Jyoti quickly rallied a team and created a curriculum that taught employees how to teach Hour of Code in classrooms. Thousands of employees were mobilized and taught Hour of Code in local classrooms around the globe!

For all that she does for our community, we salute Jyoti and all the Salesforce Pro Bono Pros who use their unique talents to make an impact in our community.