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Press Pause and Relax – How Health Keepers at Salesforce Japan Give Back

By February 15, 2018



Salesforce Japan VolunteeringOne of the perks of working at the Salesforce Tokyo office is that you can avail of free massages during work hours. There are 6 employees known as “Health Keepers” who specialize in massage and acupuncture, and they provide massages for employees.

Last summer, a health keeper came up with an idea: why don’t we utilize our skills to give back to the community? Other team members loved the idea and so they set up a volunteering activity where they would visit nonprofits and provide free massage to their employees.


The team visited Florence, a Japanese nonprofit that provides child care services for sick children and kids with disabilities. As more women enter the workforce, shortage of daycare slots has been a serious problem in Japan. Florence has been leading the charge to tackle this issue.

Salesforce Japan Volunteering今回は本社にお勤めのスタッフのうち約60名の方に15分ずつマッサージを提供しました。

During the volunteering activity, the health keeper team provided 15-minute massages to over 60 employees at Florence. One said – “It felt very relaxing and I was almost dreaming. We don’t usually have much time to take care of ourselves with such a busy schedule, so this is a great chance to take a break.”


Health keepers plan to continue this volunteering and hopefully, more nonprofit workers can press pause and relax, while they make a difference in the world.

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