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The Power of Apps: SharinPix

By March 2, 2017

By: Sergey Erlikh, Netherlands Nonprofit User Group Co-Leader and Salesforce MVP

Welcome to the new Power of Apps blog series. Over the next couple of months I’ll be highlighting an app a month that I think every nonprofit should know about!

First though, let’s go back to basics and make sure you’ve heard of the AppExchange? Well, the AppExchange is a business app store from Salesforce with 1,000s of apps to supercharge your Salesforce. There are apps for every type of business, including a dedicated section for Nonprofit and Higher Education apps. Apps come in all shapes and sizes – whatever problem or issue you’re looking to solve, you’ll be sure to find an app for it. Oh, did we mention – you can build apps too! That’s for another post though 🙂

SharinPixSharinPix – photo management in Salesforce

The first app we’re highlighting in the Power of Apps series is SharinPix, an app that brings the power of images to Salesforce. The app allows you to add/edit photos in any Salesforce object and create photo albums in Chatter. What we really like about it is that it’s mobile enabled so you can take images on the go, and send them straight into Salesforce – there’s unlimited storage too.

Nonprofit Perk: SharinPix offers free implementation for nonprofits who purchase 1 or more licenses.

Fast Facts – SharinPix

Cost: €2 per user per month – discounted for nonprofits
AppExchange Listing: SharinPix
Type: Photo editing, Photo management
Nonprofit use-case examples:

  • Program management: documenting clients, documenting projects in the field
  • Donor management: sharing program images with donors
  • Volunteer management: adding and editing photos from volunteer projects to project records

We spoke with SharinPix CEO, Jean-Michel Mougeolle to learn more about the app and the company:

Tell us about SharinPix?

We launched SharinPix a year ago so that Salesforce users could have image editing and image management capabilities within Salesforce. The app offers a very easy and powerful way to integrate image management with your organisational needs within any Salesforce Cloud, and working on any Salesforce object across all devices. We come as a Lightning component but also a Visualforce page or a canvas app which can be inserted into any object.

We are based in Paris, France and founded by 3 Salesforce experts who have been in the Salesforce eco-system for years! I’m the CEO of the company, Salesforce Paris User Group leader and a Salesforce MVP. I’m also the Founder of French Touch Dreamin, a french event for the salesforce community.

Do you have any nonprofit SharinPix success stories you could share?

We have a great example in Compassion Without Borders, a US based nonprofit that supports abandoned dogs and cats. They use the app to take pictures of dogs and cats when they arrive at the clinic and then again when they are in better shape. They also use it to take pictures of certificates and other documents. With SharinPix they save a lot of time as they can easily change the resolution of photos, crop and upload them to cases. They need to do this so they can document the correct requirements for the animal’s care. Saving time on these tasks means they have more time to focus on animal rescue.


How do you contribute to the nonprofit community?

I was always really impressed by the 1-1-1 model and Pledge 1%, so when I founded SharinPix, it was really natural for me to take the Pledge. As a company, we offer a 10% discount on the licence cost to all nonprofits and on top of that we offer free implementation. It’s really important for the smaller nonprofits who sometimes have a hard time getting started. As a team, we also try to offer support and answers in the Power of Us Hub. Its a really great place to engage with nonprofits.

Why should ISVs support the nonprofit community?

First of all, it changes the dynamic within a company. It makes it more about community and less about just making a profit. On top of that, you’ll learn a lot about the nonprofit space and their interesting approaches to technology – because nonprofits generally have less money to spend, they can be really creative and innovative with their use of technology.

How can nonprofits learn more about SharinPix?

Check out SharinPix on the AppExchange. You can watch a demo, take a test drive and try it for free for 14 days!