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Power of Apps:

By December 11, 2017

By: Sergey Erlikh, Netherlands Nonprofit User Group Co-Leader and Salesforce MVP

In post 7 of the Power of Apps blog series, we’re talking to Tam Tran, ex Salesforce employee and current founder of, an AppExchange app built for admins to make Salesforce deployments easier and faster than ever before.

How did launch and what’s the main use-case?

I founded over a year ago with the mission to redefine Salesforce deployment and its change management landscape. Today, is trusted by companies and Salesforce professionals around the world as their go-to app for all Salesforce deployment and change management needs. Our users love because the app helps them save time and deploy Salesforce up to 10x faster than changesets.

Do you have any nonprofit use-cases?

Yes, we’re currently working with Starlight Children’s Foundation who currently uses to speed up its Salesforce deployments. Here’s what Henry Wong, Business System Analyst at Starlight Children’s Foundation has to say about

“ClickDeploy is an amazing tool that allows you to quickly create change sets for deployment. The biggest features for me is being able to copy change sets (allowing you to re-use a deployed change set to deploy onto another sandbox) and being able to find newly created fields extremely quickly, both of which Salesforce lacks. For a smaller team like ours it really helps keep our change control and deployment practices in check without the burden of creating a cumbersome and time-consuming change set with the Salesforce UI. I highly recommend at least trying the free version, it will completely change the way you work.”

We love working with nonprofit customers because, at the end of the day, that involvement is really what brings meaning and purpose to our team.

How exactly do people use your app?

Below is a quick 20 seconds demo that shows how fast and easy it is to deploy changes using To experience the full product features including line-by-line diff viewer, clone deployments, team collaboration, etc, visit our website and try it out for yourself.


Click Deploy

Why should ISVs support the nonprofit community?

“The business of business is not business. The business of business is improving the state of the world” – to quote Marc Benioff, whom I deeply respect and admire. It is never too early to reach out, involve and offer your support to the nonprofit community, regardless of how small it is. You can offer your products for free or at a significant discount. These early and small involvements go a long way in making a real difference.

In return, your company will find more purposes and meaning which is a powerful way to motivate your employees, and will eventually help make your company better and stronger.

How can nonprofits get started with app? is 100% cloud-based. No installs required. You can kick off your first deployments in literally a few clicks.
Simply sign in to via your existing Salesforce account.

Amazingly fast UI. Well designed styling and simple UX means virtually zero learning curve” to quote one of our users. If you know Salesforce & changesets, you already know Just give it a try.

You don’t need to purchase anything, just start with our free tier first. If you ever need to go to a higher tier, we offer that at a 30% discount on all of our product lines for nonprofit organizations.