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The NPSP Community Sprint is Coming to Baltimore on March 21st-22nd!

By February 8, 2017 is proud to host the next Nonprofit Success Pack Community Sprint in Baltimore, Maryland!

NPSP CommunityWhat’s an NPSP Community Sprint? It’s all about you, hon (in Baltimore-ese). Multiple times a year, our trailblazing community of admins at nonprofits, implementation partners, app partners, and developers come together for two days of nothing but making our nonprofit CRM product, Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) better for everyone else (along with lots of laughs and caffeine). Previous Sprints in Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco and Boston have been responsible for many of your favorite new features, documentation, workbooks and reports that you use in NPSP today.

You don’t need to be a developer to participate! Bring your laptop, your ideas and a collaborative spirit. What will you specifically work on? That’s up to you! If you are expecting to be talked at while you stare at PowerPoint slides, this is not the event for you. We have some topic suggestions, but what you work on and how you do it is decided by you and your fellow attendees at the Sprint.

If you’re interested in joining, learn more and register today.

Not able to attend this time? We’re actively planning our next Sprint for early August. Join the NPSP Community Sprint group to be among the first to hear when it’s announced.

Register for the Sprint