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Northeast Community College: A Story of Innovation

By Justin Bryant February 6, 2016

On Thursday, February 11, Northeast Community College will be featured in our webinar series centered around the innovative work community colleges across the country are doing with Salesforce. For a sneak peek at what Northeast will be sharing, take a quick look at two specific areas they’ve been able to realize success with the Platform:

Streamlining Recruiting Efforts

Northeast Community College campusThe college’s recruiters, who each manage 3,000 prospective students over the course of a year, have one place to record conversations, track event attendance, manage application documentation, and determine next steps with Salesforce. Recruiters can look at each prospective student’s record and see how many times they visited campus, their parents’ contact information, if they have applied for financial aid or submitted their test scores, their career interests, and much more. This 360-degree view allows the small team to maximize its efforts by gauging the true interest of a prospect. Dynamic reports and dashboards also allow recruiters to see at a glance where prospects are getting stuck in the recruitment funnel. Recruiters can then easily contact those students to assist them in taking the next step along the path to application and enrollment.

Early Intervention

In order to retain students and ensure their success, Northeast created a unique early-alert system for at-risk students. By filling out an online form, faculty and staff can now voice concerns they may have about a student. Once submitted, these forms automatically populate a case in Salesforce and alert retention advisors. Salesforce is integrated with their SIS, so cases are also automatically created in certain instances to let our advisors know when a student has made a change that may affect their success and retention. For example if a student withdraws from a class or changes from full-time to part-time, a case is created to alert the advisor so they can contact the student.

Taking a more proactive approach, Northeast created its ‘FAME score’ – a predictor of attrition that takes into account variables such as a student’s academics, finances, and family situation. When a student’s FAME is at a certain threshold, retention advisors know that student is going to need more immediate and targeted interventions to ensure their success.

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