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  • Nonprofit’s Winter ‘23 Release Helps Nonprofits Create Powerful Experiences With Better-Connected Data

By Lori Freeman October 17, 2022

With the holiday season upon us, many nonprofit organizations are continuing to get ready for the largest giving event of the year. As organizations move forward with engaging their stakeholders, effectively connecting, understanding and acting on data is top of mind.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the innovations in our Winter ‘23 release — all aimed to help nonprofits create powerful experiences with better connected data. In this release, our open source offering, Data Lake for Nonprofits, Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is generally available. We’re also enhancing our solutions in fundraising and program management.

Introducing Data Lake for Nonprofits, Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Effectively managing data continues to be a top challenge for nonprofits. In our recent Nonprofit Trends Report, we found that over three-fourths of nonprofits need to develop a data strategy for their organization, while 66% of nonprofits find data sharing across departments difficult. 

One way organizations better connect and bring data together is by using a data lake – where disparate data can be secured, explored, and put to use.

Although getting started with a data lake can be daunting, Salesforce and AWS are making it much easier. Our newest open-source offering, Data Lake for Nonprofits, Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), helps organizations better connect and act on data by streamlining the data lake setup process with guided flows focused on clicks not code, an out-of-the-box integration with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), and an automated data pipeline to Tableau for rich analytics and visualizations. Ultimately, customers can easily transform their data into actionable insights with visual analytics, ultimately helping to drive more informed decisions and better outcomes.

This offering would not be possible without the support of our incredible partners, including Cloud for Good, Coastal Cloud and Slalom. 

Interested in learning more? Take a look at our Demo, recent Dreamforce session, User Guide, and Release Documentation.

Screenshot on how to connect to your AWS account

Build Relationships, Fund Impact with Fundraising Solutions 

In our recent Nonprofit Trends Report, 85% of nonprofits noted that donor retention is becoming more difficult. Recurring giving programs are an effective tool for keeping donors engaged.

Our new innovation, Recurring Gift Management in Experience Cloud for Nonprofits, enables donors with self-service. Donors are able to easily manage their recurring gifts, freeing up fundraisers to spend more time on donor stewardship and retention (US Only).

Screenshot of payment method

Other innovation includes Gift Refunds for the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), which ensures Nonprofits are able to more easily issue full refunds for gifts and record those refunds for accounting purposes. 

And finally, Data Entry Verification improves data quality and increases fundraising efficiency by validating email and phone formats and discovering which constituents are deceased (US Only).

Build Trusted Relationships, Working Together to Make Change with Program Management Solutions

Many programs teams have had to pivot how they manage programs virtually, with our last Nonprofit Trends Report showing that 36% of nonprofits said delivery of remote, virtual, and adapted programs was a major issue they’ve faced over the past year. 

Innovation across our program management solutions include, New Sessions Wizard, Participant Capacity Warnings, which allows organizations to easily extend existing Service Schedules and additional sessions with a new guided wizard. And make more informed decisions when adding participants to Service Schedules by receiving a warning when sessions are at capacity.

Attendance Summary and Participants Enrolled allows organizations to strike the right balance with the optimized number of participants receiving services and correct mistakes. Assessment Threshold Markers allows organizations to visualize how clients are progressing against targets. Organizations can get up to speed on client progress by comparing their score progress against assessment thresholds.

We also want to note that Insights Platform Data Integrity, Einstein for Nonprofits, the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) and Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits now supports Brazilian Portuguese.
Now, organizations of all sizes are able to create powerful experiences With better-connected data. Interested in learning more? Check out our Release Overview PDF and Release Notes. And be sure to review the Data Management Whitepaper, highlighting the new Data Lake for Nonprofits, Powered by AWS offering.