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Salesforce’s Summer ‘23 Release Helps Nonprofits and Grantmakers Maximize Efficiency and Impact Across Organizations

By Lori Freeman June 12, 2023

As summer kicks off, a familiar cycle continues — nonprofits strive to deliver on their mission and work to secure the necessary funding from donors and grantmakers to continue their work. Meanwhile, grantmakers continue to look for better ways to make it easier for nonprofits or individuals who receive their funding to engage and deliver on their original commitments. As each organization connects with their stakeholders, efficiency, and most importantly, impact, continue to be top of mind.

Today, we’re thrilled to launch new innovations in our Summer ‘23 release — all aimed to help nonprofits and grantmakers maximize efficiency and impact. In this release, we:

  • Continue to innovate through our new vision for Nonprofit Cloud – Salesforce’s suite of technology solutions built for the nonprofit sector. This release includes Program and Case Management enhancements helping organizations personalize services and drive more impact, and is available today.
  • Launch our newest innovation for grantmakers to help accelerate funding for better outcomes. Grantmaking will be available July 18.

Adapt programs to deliver more effective outcomes with program and case management with Nonprofit Cloud

According to our Nonprofit Trends Report, a top action nonprofits will take in the next 12 months is to add new programs and services. And while 66% of nonprofits report “strong” relationships with program participants, nonprofits continue to work towards providing the best support with the best outcomes. Technology can help manage those efforts. In this release, we’re growing Nonprofit Cloud capabilities with enhancements to the Program Management and Case Management features. Our programs and case management offerings ensure nonprofits can plan and deliver programs in one place. They can save time with streamlined tools for service delivery and participant tracking.

New features across programs include the ability to:

  • Use Action Plans to define a check list of tasks and documentation requirements or approvals 
  • Consolidate program activities by chronologically tracking program and benefit activities with the timeline component 
  • Customize the prebuilt OmniScript for the benefit schedule workflow to offer guided interactions for program managers 
Screenshot of case management home page

Meanwhile, new features across case management include the ability to:

  • Scale Dynamic Assessments by creating them for accounts, contacts, and cases
  • Harness guided flows to define and manage benefit schedules 
  • Simplify guided flows for referral intakes using OmniStudio components 
  • Preview Care Plan Templates and the Care Plan Summary to see the plan in one view 

Streamline funding processes to invest in stronger outcomes with  Grantmaking 

According to our Nonprofit Trends Report, 43% of nonprofits list grant seeking as a top priority in the next twelve months. Grantmaking organizations continue to play a critical role in the nonprofit sector. Yet, when grantmakers require grantmaking stakeholders to undergo manual, time-consuming processes, the organizations or individuals they fund spend more time focused on meeting those requirements than focusing on delivering the right outcomes. It’s key for grantmaking organizations to think about how to streamline processes for all involved. For Salesforce, our aim is to accelerate impact by providing flexible, efficient, and collaborative tools so grantmakers and grantees can achieve meaningful outcomes together.

Our newest innovation, Grantmaking, will reduce cumbersome administrative processes, create positive experiences for grantees, and help understand outcomes of community investments. On July 18, when it is generally available, grantmakers will be equipped with:

  • A data model that allows them to build and manage their applications, budgets, funding opportunities and awards.
  • A portal, which is fundamental to making it easy for grantees to complete important actions in the grants management process and stay engaged. 
  • A preconfigured portal template, accelerating implementation and time to valueso grantmakers can focus less on setting up their systems and more on funding important initiatives.
Preconfigured grantee portal for applications and post-award engagement

We are connecting funders and the organizations delivering programs and services to engage and iterate across the entire impact lifecycle. Now, nonprofits and grantmakers of all sizes are able to maximize efficiency and impact across their organization. Interested in learning more? Check out our release webpage and release notes.

Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other posts or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase Salesforce applications should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available. For more information please visit, or call 1-800-667-6389.