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By March 9, 2021 Elevate is in the process of being retired, and will no longer be sold as of April 3, 2023. See more information in our communication, or find one of our many partners on the AppExchange if you are searching for a digital fundraising solution.

For existing customers, Elevate will be supported through the end of existing contracts.

As the world continues to change, organizations have embraced technology as a key strategy in navigating the new normal. In fact, when we asked how nonprofits tackled the pandemic, moving to digital and investing more in technology were the top two changes that nonprofits made. In total, 56% of nonprofits reported that they accelerated their move to digital programs.

Today, we’re thrilled to continue providing key technology to our Nonprofit Cloud customers in the Nonprofit Cloud Spring ‘21 release. In this release, we’re strengthening our solutions in fundraising, marketing & engagement, program management and grants management, helping our customers find success in their new normal.’s Spring ‘21 Nonprofit Cloud release helps nonprofits find success in their new normal.

Create Donor-Centric Experiences With Our Fundraising Solution Innovations 

As in-person events and fundraising are paused, fundraisers have the critical task of creating meaningful digital fundraising experiences and driving fundraising performance into the future. Our new features and enhancements allow fundraisers to:

  • Capture any data directly from your supporters on donation pages with custom fields in Elevate Giving Pages, fully integrated to the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). This feature is coming to the U.S. in April. Elevate is available in the U.S. only.
  • Provide donors with a frictionless and fully-branded donation experience with an embeddable donation widget for Elevate Giving Pages. Elevate is available in the U.S. only. 
  • Seamlessly integrate with Elevate by creating Elevate recurring gift payments in NPSP. Elevate is available in the U.S. only.
  • Streamline gift and payment processing by processing ACH transactions (one-time ACH/direct debit gifts) directly within NPSP’s Gift Entry Manager
  • Provide a faster and more intuitive NPSP onboarding experience for admins that helps them evaluate the NPSP feature set and how it can meet their needs.
  • Allow users more flexibility in generating ledger entries with Accounting Subledger and open up the ability to track various types of revenue activity. 

Mobile Giving Pages view

Custom fields in Elevate help organizations capture data directly from Giving Pages.

Find and Engage Lifelong Supporters With Our Marketing & Engagement Solution Innovations 

Supporters want to feel connected to an organization’s mission and engage on their terms. While nonprofits need strategies to build lasting relationships with supporters and ways to quickly measure and share marketing performance in real-time. Our new products, features, and enhancements allow marketers to: 

  • View data from each team across your entire organization with Pardot Leads and Contacts Across Business Units. Nonprofits can get a complete picture of how their supporters are engaging with marketing across the entire organization.
  • Access a powerful new marketing intelligence and data analytics experience by leveraging Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud.
  • Provide actionable in-email capabilities with the Email-to-Web Conversion app, which provides a self-service, intuitive installation process to help harmonize email campaigns with web analytics data coming from Google Analytics. 

Amplify Program Impact With Our Program Management Solution Innovations 

Despite a more challenging landscape at this time, interruption of programs and service is not an option. Organizations have transitioned to meet each program participant’s needs when in-person services are limited and communities’ needs are changing. New features in our program management solution allow program leaders to:

  • Eliminate the tedious, line by line, manual entry that often goes along with capturing attendance with Attendance Tracking. Verify attendance after group services to quickly track which program participants or clients attended services through a streamlined tracker, which is pre-populated for efficiency.
  • Identify program participants or clients that are at risk by aggregating attendance data with Attendance Reporting. Use pre-built reports that aggregate group services attendance data to easily view key metrics.
  • Maintain consistent data with Nonprofit Cloud’s case management notes template and capture client notes from anywhere with Salesforce’s mobile app. When capturing notes, use templates that prompt the case manager for specific information based on the unique program. Templates differ program by program for case managers to choose from. 
  • Unlock the power of service delivery data with Tableau Dashboards for Nonprofit Program Management. Help program management teams visualize success with out-of-the-box Tableau dashboards built to help organizations of all sizes visualize program impact.

Screenshot of new feature in Spring ‘21 release

Tableau Dashboards for Nonprofit Program Management unlock the power of service delivery data.

Simplify and Accelerate Grantmaking With Our Grants Management Solution Innovations 

With an increased demand for nonprofit and community services, grantmakers are experiencing  an influx of applications and demand. Grantmakers have risen to the challenge by adjusting the way they fund — effectively delivering more funds to the communities that need them the most. New features in our grants management solution allow grantmaking leaders to:

  • Save valuable time by streamlining due diligence processes and easily viewing historical data about grantseekers. Grantmakers can define common lists of due diligence verification items and apply them to account records to track verifications and store historical records.
  • Accelerate publishing multiple grant applications by adding more flexibility with applications using Application Management. Grantmakers gain additional functionality to build more complex application configurations and workflows, including the ability to tie applications to multiple funding programs

Screenshot of new feature in Spring ‘21 release

Application Management provides more application flexibility.

And there are even more capabilities from across the Salesforce Customer 360, helping nonprofit leaders:

  • Drive analytics, visualizations and intelligence. Use out-of-the-box reports and dashboards in the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Tableau, Tableau CRM and Einstein to understand data and visualize impact in and outside of your organization. 
  • Put donors in the driver seat by streamlining self-service with Experience Cloud for Nonprofits. This product is coming in April.
  • Easily manage, archive, enrich, and act on Salesforce and non-Salesforce data across your organization. With best-in-class partners like Amazon, our data management solution enables you to use Private Connect to securely connect AWS and Salesforce.
  • Realize time to value with new Premier Success enhancements, including enhanced chat support, onboarding and implementation coaching, training updates, and much more.

Learn more by checking out our Spring ‘21 Release Overview for the US and International for a deeper dive, or register for our Release Harbor Tour on March 17, 2020 at 9 a.m. PST. And be sure to register for our first ever Nonprofit Summit on April 21st. 

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David Ragones, SVP & GM, Nonprofit Cloud,
David Ragones

Dave brings a deep passion and commitment to the nonprofit sector. Seven years ago, he co-founded the non-profit Piedmont Makers, dedicated to support and inspire K-12 S.T.E.A.M. education in the East Bay, California and beyond. He also served on the board of the Piedmont Education Foundation, which raises over $3 million annually for the Piedmont Unified School District.