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By April 29, 2020 Elevate is in the process of being retired, and will no longer be sold as of April 3, 2023. See more information in our communication, or find one of our many partners on the AppExchange if you are searching for a digital fundraising solution.

For existing customers, Elevate will be supported through the end of existing contracts.

Social impact organizations like nonprofits and educational institutions are navigating the current climate with agility and speed as they continue to serve their communities and students. At critical moments, they are finding ways to address fundraising challenges; reach even more communities, beneficiaries, and students; and prepare for ways to engage and operate in the future.

That’s why today we are announcing new innovations in Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud that will help nonprofits and educational institutions raise funds and maximize their impact. These new features include a suite of integrated fundraising offerings to evolve fundraising and advancement, tools to build transparency in your financial systems, and streamlined experiences to increase staff capacity and manage day-to-day programs at scale.

The nonprofit and education community have helped guide these solutions, leading the way for more purpose-built technology available in North America and Europe leveraging the Salesforce portfolio of products. These updates are uniquely designed to help institutions drive digital transformation across the entire lifecycle of donors, students, advocates, and alumni.

“We recognize that it’s more important now than ever to create digital-first experiences for all communities no matter where they are,” said CEO Rob Acker. “The world needs nonprofits and educational institutions to continue their services to constituents and to make sure learning never stops for students. The latest products respond to our community’s needs both in the short and long term as we all prepare for the future.”

Elevating Fundraising to Maximize Impact

This summer, we are making our new suite of fundraising products generally available. Elevate is a suite of online fundraising products to grow support and maximize impact, including:

  • Giving Pages is a single-and recurring-donation solution that simplifies the creation of donation forms for online sites. Through a robust integration, data automatically flows from Giving Pages into the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) or into Gift Entry Manager (GEM) for education customers.
  • Payment Services provides an end-to-end payment processing solution for nonprofits and educational institutions built into NPSP and GEM that enables you to accept payments using Giving Pages or your own custom web donation forms via an extensible payments API.
  • Engagement Hub drives ongoing engagement with your alumni and donors through a central hub for all giving and volunteering activities, helping to drive deeper engagement with your supporters with an easy way to promote campaigns and volunteer opportunities.

“ Elevate will make significant strides in delivering a robust fundraising solution for nonprofit organizations like Sierra Club,” said Dave Simon, Director, Information Technology, Sierra Club. “We are especially excited about Payment Services, which enables organizations to connect outside web pages to Nonprofit Cloud using the payments API.”

These new capabilities will only be available in the U.S. in the summer, with more countries coming soon.

In addition to Elevate, Accounting Subledger is an innovative tool that brings fundraising and finance together. Advancement and development teams maintain consistency in financial records, pledges, and payments across fundraising and finance systems. This helps administrators do more with less by increasing trust and transparency. Now your back end accounting system can be easily updated with your incoming donation or gift.

“The Accounting Subledger is exactly what we needed to make our Gift Entry system in Salesforce complete,” said Rick Houston, Director of Advancement Services, Gordon College. “We were going to attempt a custom band-aid approach but the accounting department requires accurate debit and credit transactions that meet our audit requirements for all types of gifts. It would have taken us a long time to develop a solution on our own.”

Accounting Subledger is available now in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Streamlining Services to Reach More Communities

Our communities will all need additional support and services as they rebuild and reshape their future. We are able to support this through two innovations for our nonprofit communities. They are currently available to empower staff to continue delivering meaningful programs while reporting back to funder:

Nonprofit Cloud Case Management empowers nonprofits to scale personalized care to clients on a platform that helps them track services, case plans, notes, incidents, assessments, and outcomes. By having all key information on a single system, nonprofits can collaborate on a large caseload of service delivery and maintain data confidentiality.

Program Management Module is a free extension of the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) that provides a unified view across all platforms, helping connect clients and beneficiaries to services they need. The module is customizable to meet the needs of a nonprofit’s program, service, or client through Salesforce’s industry-standard data model.

“I was proud to be a part of the build process for the Nonprofit Cloud Case Management working with the product team,” said Heath Parks, Director of Information Technology, Cincinnati Works. “The tool is built to mimic how a service provider works in their day-to-day; our clients deserve the best and there’s nothing else out there like this. You can manage all of your program operations in the same system as your fundraising and engagement, which for today’s nonprofit, is critical so we can scale to accomplish our mission.”

These capabilities are available now in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Preparing for the Long-term Future

Our community has been our compass as we build the most needed solutions for both the nonprofit and education sectors. These innovations are in response to the times as operating models shift, funding is stretched thin, staff and faculty become acquainted with working remotely, and all pivot to provide critical services or reimagine events. We are grateful to continue to support our community as we bring these new solutions to life.

Our road forward will be because of the strong network of global trailblazers who work tirelessly on the frontlines to keep our communities thriving. We are committed to working on solutions that empower others for digital success to be prepared for tomorrow. Payment Services, Engagement Hub, and Giving Pages (known together as Elevate), along with Data Supporter Integrity (part of the Insights Platform) will initially be limited to United States-based customers transacting in U.S. dollars. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other posts or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase Salesforce applications should make their purchase decisions based on features that are currently available. For more information please visit, or call 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE.

For payment services and online fundraising tools in global currencies, please see the Salesforce AppExchange.