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How to Merge or Split Households in the Nonprofit Starter Pack

By December 6, 2014

As many of you might know, the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP) is an open source application provided by at no cost to help nonprofits get started with donor management on the Salesforce platform. The growth and support of the NPSP has long been a product of community collaboration, and most recently, with the support of the Foundation’s Documentation Lead, Jon Michael Varese, community members have also started contributing documentation to the NPSP Knowledge base.  Who better to write the product documentation than the partners, Salesforce MVP’s,  and users who interact with the product daily? mergehousehold

One of the most common tasks you may have to complete in the Nonprofit Starter Pack is the merging or splitting of Household accounts. Salesforce MVP Judi Sohn recently outlined the process in this article: NPSP: Merge or Split Households.

Take a look. And if you have questions or anything to add, please login to the Power of Us HUB and comment in the Chatter feed available on the article.

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