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Meet the Speakers: Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam (Part 1)

By Ivar Jansen March 10, 2015

The Salesforce World Tour is coming to Amsterdam and we have a full schedule of breakout sessions tailored specifically for non-profits interested in further developing their programs through the use of Salesforce technology and our partner network. Throughout the day you’ll hear about omni-channel marketing, managing donor relationships and of course, CRM best practice.

These breakouts will be brought to you by team and our partner network, and will include some inspirational stories from non-profit customers based in the Netherlands.

Today we’re getting to know Martin Bijl from CISIS who will deliver a session focused on successfully implementing and improving a CRM system, vision and strategy (in Dutch).

Tell me a little about CISIS Implementation Management?

Our company helps non- profit organizations achieve their business objectives. We operate as an independent consultancy firm where our employees combine strong interpersonal skills with a great understanding of business processes and strong IT knowledge. We use these competences to help client organizations with internal efficiencies, and also to help them increase their social impact through technology.

How would you describe Salesforce?

“Before you can use a Ferrari you have to get a driver’s licence”. Salesforce is one of the big enablers of innovation and can be used as an effective instrument for commercial power. Just like a Ferrari can be used to accelerate speed and drive fast.

However, Salesforce as a tool alone isn’t enough to realize success. Without a ‘driver’s licence’, in this case a clear vision, informed and trained professionals in the internal organization, well organized processes and solid project methodology, Salesforce remains just a tool, just like a Ferrari that will never leave the garage.

What can people expect from your session at Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam?

Our session will focus on the four key phases of an innovation project. For each phase we will give offer relevant ‘do’s’ and don’ts.

These four phases will include:

  • Vision building and preparation
  • Starting up and planning a Salesforce project
  • Executing and implementing the new vision, processes and tooling with Salesforce
  • Hunting for business benefits and optimizing project results

These do’s and don’ts will be based on our non-profit project experiences and focused on customers looking to increase their commercial effectiveness.


Martin BijlAbout Martin: Martin Bijl is project manager and Change manager at CISIS Implementation management and has extensive experience with innovation projects at non profit organization. As he person he can be characterized as: enthusiastic, committed and open. Martin combines a clear vision with a ‘getting things done mentality’.


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