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Maximize the Impact of Every Dollar Donated

By October 14, 2017

Fundraising today is both simpler and more complex than years past.

There are endless opportunities to put out campaigns, send more communications, and moments where you can engage personally at low to no cost. But proactive appeals are constantly at odds with an endless string of new community needs, funding shifts, or as we’ve seen disasters that seem to pop up weekly around the world.

People are more connected online, fundraise with their networks, and give with the tap of a finger. At the same time they are overwhelmed with communications, have choice fatigue with so many options, and many people lack trust in organizations.

These situations spur many questions inside of nonprofits, such as:

  • How do we work together to reach out to these donors at the lowest cost to our fundraising budget?
  • How can we track donations to programs and operate at capacity to maximize the impact of every dollar?
  • How do we close the loop on impact by using data transparently in our storytelling to grow mission ambassadors?

With the right technology to digitize the data, processes, and communication around your mission, you can do all these things and more. Below is an infographic that follows a donation through each of your functional areas as a nonprofit, and how you like many other nonprofits today maximize every dollar donated.


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