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Kick Off the Year-End Giving Season With Your #GivingTuesday Campaign

By August 24, 2017

Giving Tuesday '17

By: Allison Gauss, Senior Content Associate at

Estimates show that nearly a third of annual giving comes in the final month of the year. The holiday season will be here before we know it, so this year, get a running start on those funds by kicking off your year-end campaign on #GivingTuesday and gain the momentum you need for a strong finish.

While #GivingTuesday is a strong fundraising campaign on its own, it can also work in harmony with year-end efforts to give you a big boost in early December. Here are three ways to optimize your #GivingTuesday campaign so you can finish the year with a bang.

Start Strong on #GivingTuesday

A simple way to use #GivingTuesday to power your year-end campaign is to launch on the giving day. Getting those first few donations is sometimes the most difficult part of fundraising, so why not use all the buzz and excitement of #GivingTuesday to start moving the bar on your fundraising thermometer?

The benefits of using #GivingTuesday to gain momentum for your year-end campaign are two-fold. First, the goal-proximity effect tells us that people become more likely to donate as you approach your goal. Essentially, the closer you are to reaching your goal, the more the donor feels responsible for your success. So making progress on your campaign can motivate other supporters to get involved.

Second, we know that people’s choices are influenced by what they see others do. Those first donations that show up on your campaign page provide social proof that others have already lent their support.

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