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A Kick-around with the Big Issue

By February 19, 2015

Big Issue and SalesforceBy: Tom England, Account Executive, Salesforce Australia

The Big Issue is by now a well known ‘institution’ familiar to anybody who works in a major city. Many people now have a regular vendor for the monthly magazine, and people appreciate the way the initiative helps people help themselves.

What I didn’t know was how the Big Issue helped these people behind the scenes. One such way is via the Big Issue Street Soccer program.

Every Monday afternoon the Big Issue organises social football games (soccer for the natives here in Australia) for vendors at the King George V center in Sydney. Providing organised social games to anybody from the Big Issue community, they provide something many of us take for granted – a chance to have a kick about with our mates.

As part of our foundation activities, Salesforce have been fortunate enough to be invited to pit our wits against The Big Issue’s finest during these Monday sessions. Typically the afternoon begins with a chance to catch up with the regulars, including my usual vendor – who will typically inform me of his desire to humiliate me with ball at feet – and any new faces who are down for a game. Then the fun starts. The Salesforce team will start with high hopes, which are quickly dashed by the skills on show by the vendors, and regular beatings by 4 or 5 goals are not uncommon! Come half time, the teams are split up and we get the chance to play on a winning team with the vendors. – my colleague Nick is usually in high demand and is now known as ‘Mr Pow Pow’ for his shooting prowess – I’m usually left on the bench due to an affliction of two left feet.

Talking to the vendors you really stat to appreciate how important initiatives like this are – a weekly chance to catch up with mates, and have a kick about, talk about football and generally have a laugh. To be given the opportunity to help out has been a fantastic experience, and is set to become a regular fixture in calendar over the next year. You never know – with a bit more practice we may even win a game….

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