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It’s Not Easy Being Green

By May 18, 2012

by Charity Lorenzen, Marketing

It’s not easy being green, but if you are using, you might actually be more green than you think.

By choosing to run your organization on, your apps are using an average of 95% less carbon –and consequently fewer emissions–than on-premises software. And the cloud is using an average of 64% less carbon than private clouds. In fact, the carbon has kept out of the air is the equivalent of taking 98,000 cars off the road. Find out more about our sustainability practices >

Of course’s contribution to reducing carbon emissions is just a small part of the company’s commitment to sustainability.  And the Sustainability Team at used #earthmonth this past April to launch two big Earth month initiatives for employees including:

  1. Power Down Your Monitor Campaign—Team Earthforce composed of 30 volunteers globally, tagged monitors that were left on overnight in an effort to increase awareness of how our day-to-day practices contribute to a more sustainable salesforce. Over 4,533 employees received the message. The impact? Up to 30% remembered to power down their monitors after they were reminded from Team Earthforce.
  2. Recycle Your Dusty Computer Bag—San Francisco Bay Area employees were encouraged to turn in their unused laptop bags for recycling. Seventy folks decided to part ways with their bags and now many of those bags can be reused.

Additionally, employees volunteered at 15 earth day events in the Bay Area and several others around the world.  Check out some photos from these events.

While we use #earthmonth to draw attention to our efforts, creating a more sustainable future is a 365-day affair for and and we are constantly looking for new ways to lessen our impact on the environment.

Have ideas about how can be more green? Let us know.

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