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Introducing NPSP How-To Videos & The NPSP Videography Committee

By June 27, 2016

By: Katie McFadden, Director of Professional Services, Swift River Consulting

The NPSP community is at it again!

Our thriving community has produced a tremendous number of new features this year. But admins sometimes find it hard to stay on top of all the available enhancements, and they want a quick way to vet new features.

In the spirit of open-source community, we asked, and we delivered! A handful of community members have formed the new NPSP Videography Committee. We worked together to write the scripts for these videos, and then we coaxed our friends and family into recording “professional” voice-overs.

Today, we’re excited to be releasing the first of many NPSP how-to videos to come!

But now we need your help. Next time you fall in love with an NPSP feature, consider contributing your talents as a scriptwriter, editor, or voice-over narrator. Come find us in the @NPSP Videography group in the Power of Us Hub. We’ll get you set up with tools, guidelines, and everything else you need to turn your knowledge and talent into a valuable asset for our global nonprofit community!

Watch the full playlist of community-generated NPSP How-To Videos.