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International Women’s Day 2023: Honoring the Past, Working Towards the Future

By Kim Bradberry March 8, 2023

International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of women and girls around the world. It’s a time to reflect on the progress that has been made, and to recommit ourselves to the fight for gender equality. On this day, we honor the women who have paved the way for future generations, and we look towards the future with hope and determination.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is “Choose to Challenge.” It encourages us to challenge gender bias and inequality, call out sexism and discrimination, and create a more inclusive world. By choosing to challenge the status quo, we can create a better future for women and girls everywhere.

Over the years, International Women’s Day has grown into a powerful movement that unites women and their allies across the globe. From the #MeToo movement to the fight for equal pay, women have come together to demand change and challenge the status quo — organizing marches, protests, and social media campaigns to raise awareness and push for change.

But there is still a long way to go in the fight for gender equality. Women continue to face systemic discrimination and are underrepresented in leadership positions. They are paid less than men and are more likely to experience violence and harassment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated many of these challenges. Women have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic, both in terms of health and economic outcomes. They have shouldered a disproportionate burden of caregiving responsibilities and have been more likely to lose their jobs or see their hours reduced.

But the pandemic has also highlighted the incredible resilience and strength of women. Where they have been on the front lines of the pandemic response as healthcare workers, essential workers, and caregivers. They have shown incredible leadership and creativity in the face of unprecedented challenges.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day in 2023, let us reflect on the progress we have made and recommit ourselves to the fight for gender equality. Let us stand in solidarity with women everywhere and work towards a world where every woman and girl can live a life of dignity, freedom, and opportunity.

We can all choose to challenge gender bias and inequality in our own lives and in our communities. We can speak out against sexism and discrimination, support women-owned businesses, and advocate for policies that promote gender equality. We can mentor and support the women in our lives and create opportunities for them to succeed.

On this International Women’s Day, let us choose to challenge the status quo and create a better world for women and girls everywhere. Let us celebrate the incredible accomplishments of women, acknowledge the challenges that remain, and commit ourselves to the fight for gender equality. Together, we can build a more just, equitable, and inclusive world for all.

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