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Intern Mentorship: Here’s what’s in it for You

By January 26, 2018

At, we believe that all young adults deserve to realize their full potential. Our workforce development philanthropy, programs, and partnerships are aimed at supporting young adults to be future ready — ready for the jobs of tomorrow. We know that gaining access to jobs isn’t just about learning a set of skills; it’s also about being ready for the world of work, building a network, and identifying advocates and mentors to provide support along the way. This is why I’m excited to celebrate National Mentor Month by highlighting some of the rockstar Salesforce mentors who support interns from our Year Up and Genesys Works internship programs.

Salesforce interns from Genesys Works being celebrated at an  event in January

Salesforce interns from Genesys Works being celebrated at an event in January

Being a mentor is a powerful way to give back and make a difference – and from what we hear from our employees, it’s extremely rewarding for them as well. Here’s what they have to say:

Arun Kamoji

Arun KamojiSenior Email Marketing Manager

“Mentorship is an important, two way peer-development relationship that is fostered here at Salesforce. Mentorship helps mentees and mentors in identifying, developing and improving skills that help them grow as a person and employee.”

Sarah Chan

Sarah ChanManager, Partner Programs

“Through mentoring, I get to practice providing safety and a listening ear to a young person. Mentoring is mutually beneficial as I am reminded of the experience of being in high school. The perspective of then and now allows for introspection and compassion within me and it stretches me to connect with someone I do not normally connect with in my everyday life. Mentoring provides me a sense of service and it is service to myself at the same time.”

David Dickerson

David DickersonRegional Vice President
“I believe mentoring is the key to what helps us all continue to grow and develop in our personal and professional lives. I am standing on the shoulders of my present and past mentors. I would not be where I am today without some incredible mentors (family included) to coach and guide me.

I believe the world is a better place when we all mentor each other and pay it forward. I am humbled by the opportunity to mentor others and try to live by the words: ‘If not you, then who? And if not now, then when?’”

Felicia Cheng

Felicia ChengEmployee Success Benefits Program Manager

“I’ve gained tidbits of wisdom through the great people I’ve crossed paths with, formally and informally, who have given me their time, attention and guidance. For that I am so grateful. My goal is to lend an ear and provide new perspectives that can help my mentee take that next step too.”

What are you doing to help youth be future-ready? Share on Twitter with the hashtag #MentorIRL and #ThankYourMentor. is committed to creating a global workforce that is more equitable, skilled, diverse, and prepared for tomorrow. If you are a Salesforce employee and are interested in becoming a mentor, contact Olivia Berkowitz for more information.

Salesforce interns from Genesys Works being celebrated at an event in January

Kimberly Alejos (Year Up Intern Class 18) & Sue Warnke (Kimberly’s manager)