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HubCap: Take Full Advantage of the Power of Us Hub! November 2018

By Lizzy Roberts November 5, 2018

Over 130 members of the customer, partner, and employee community out in force for the Portland Open Source Community Sprint!
Over 130 members of the customer, partner, and employee community out in force for the Portland Open Source Community Sprint!

Welcome to the HubCap

The HubCap is the monthly blog series that highlights the best of the Power of Us Hub! Think of this as your one-stop-shop for all content and resources from the past month and a preview for what’s up and coming.

A lot happened this month: Dreamforce 2018 session recordings are now available (and are broken down by industry!), there was a Community Sprint in Portland, and the call for proposals and awards summit nominations for Higher Ed Summit 2019 went live! And so much more…

What’s included below:

  • Product updates & release info
  • Past and upcoming webinars & events
  • New knowledge articles, blog posts, e-books, etc., all new content!
  • Power of Us Hub news – what’s new in the community

So… what happened in October?

Product Updates

Hint: NPSP = Nonprofit Success Pack, HEDA = Higher Ed Data Architecture and SAL = Salesforce Advisor Link



When the team pushes a new Production or Sandbox package release – which is every two weeks! – all the details, and any other important instructions or changes, are posted to these groups below in the Power of Us Hub.

This is the go-to place to find out release updates! As such, we highly recommend you subscribe “to every post” so that you don’t miss out on important information:

Winter ’19 Release

Extend your Learning

Dreamforce 2018 recordings are available!

Dreamforce 2018 recordings are available!


Here are the webinar recordings and slides of note from October:

Upcoming Webinars to keep an eye on:

See all upcoming webinars in the MindShare Chatter Group, or the Getting Started Chatter Group along the left-hand navigation of each group.

Power of Us Live! Roundtables

“Circles of Success” are now known as “Power of Us Live! Roundtables.” These are not your traditional sit and listen sessions; you have the unique opportunity to share and learn from your peers in an unscripted and interactive forum. Join the Power of Us Live! Roundtables Chatter Group in the Hub to learn more!

Knowledge Articles


E-books & Guides



Check out the Community Events Group in the Hub to learn about upcoming in-person Salesforce events!

Event Recap

Oct 23rd, 2018: Higher Ed Summit Horizons, Barcelona, Spain

  • ran the energetic and inspiring Higher Education Summit Horizons 2018 in Barcelona, Spain on October 23, 2018 with participants from all across Europe, Middle East, Africa and the US; thank you to everyone who came and participated!
  • 18 breakout sessions, three Circles of Success discussions and two Keynote sessions. This was our first European Higher Education Summit Horizons!
  • Recorded sessions will be shared soon so check the Higher Ed Summit Horizons site for updates and join the conversation in the Higher Ed Summit Horizons 2018 Barcelona Chatter Group in the Hub

Higher Ed Summit Horizons, Barcelona, Spain

Oct 24 – 25, 2018: Community Sprint, Portland, OR
It was a great turnout in Portland, with 130 customers, partners, and employees diving into some incredible projects. Here is a sampling of what projects are in progress:

  • Creating a Waitlist feature for online shift registrations for Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S).
  • Developing two prototype solutions to remove dependency on Campaign and allow V4S Sites to work within a Customer Community.
  • The amazing Community Project: NPSP Videography team spent time at the sprint to redefined their mission statement and values, and are looking for volunteers to help them get to the next level. Details can be found in the Hub!
  • Interactions for Student Recruitment made several updates during the Sprint that included a POC surrounding customizing Contact & Account duplicate matching rules.
  • Check out the Open Source Community Group in the Hub for all project updates!

Nonprofit & Higher Ed community members gather in Portland for the Community Sprint!
Nonprofit & Higher Ed community members gather in Portland for the Community Sprint!

Oct 25, 2018: Nonprofit Success Clinic – Paris

Oct 25, 2018: Nonprofit Success Clinic – Madrid

Upcoming Events

Nov 6, 2018: Nonprofit Success Clinic – London, Register now!

Nov 7, 2018: Power of Us Live! Austin, Register now!

Nov 7th, 2018: Transition to Lightning Bootcamp (6-week) begins! Find links to register today!

Nov 8th & Nov 13th, 2018: The Connected Nonprofit Conferences

Nov 14, 2018: Open Source Community Day Paris, Register today!

Nov 15, 2018: French Touch Dreamin, Paris, Register today!

Nov 16, 2018: Northeast Dreamin’, Register today!

Nov 19, 2018: Nonprofit Success Clinic -– Dublin, Register today!

Apr 16-18, 2019: Higher Ed Summit 2019, San Diego, California! Save the Date!

Higher Ed Summit Share Your Story

Showcase Your Institution at Higher Ed Summit 2019
The 7th Annual Higher Ed Summit kicks off next Spring in sunny San Diego on April 16-18, 2019 and we’d love to hear your success stories!

Submit a session proposal AND nominate your school/department for a Summit Award, an annual tradition celebrating excellence in student success, operational efficiency, and innovation.

View all upcoming World Tour Events and
View all upcoming NPSP Days!

Get Help from Experts at Salesforce

Pro Bono Week

During the week of October 22 – 26, 2018, Salesforce joined other nonprofit organizations, companies, and public authorities from around the world to organize various events, activities, and campaigns in celebration of Pro Bono Week. It was an opportunity to raise awareness and celebrate pro bono volunteerism. We celebrated #ProBonoWeek across 24 different offices in 15 countries here at Salesforce, celebrating with you, our customers, at special success events and webinars around the world and with our employees at education events and training sessions.

Pro Bono Week

Pro Bono Program

Pro Bono Week SydneyIf you have a need for Salesforce expertise that is project based, not time sensitive or focused on integrations; our Pro Bono Program might be the way to go! For more information including project guidelines, recommendations, and the application, visit the Pro Bono Services website! If you have any questions, reach out to us in the Hub in the Salesforce Pro Bono group. How can pro bono support help your organization? Take a look at a Pro Bono Story Profile: Unlocking the Potential of Underserved Youth.

Get Help from Experts in the Community

Community Office Hours

There are 5 different office hour sessions hosted in the Hub by our amazing community members! These are community-led open Q&A sessions: you don’t need to pre-register.

Solution Exchange

The Solution Exchange is a community-powered tool designed to connect community members to users and institutions who are trying to solve similar challenges using Salesforce. Check out these new solutions:


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Hub Happenings

Announcements from your beloved community management team…

NPSP 10th Birthday!

The Nonprofit Success Pack turned 10!

Trailblazer Photos from the Community Sprint in Denver are available

Community Sprint in Denver

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