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Hub Heroes: September 2018

By Lizzy Roberts September 4, 2018

Every month we feature members of the Power of Us Hub who help other members become more successful — they become “Hub Heroes”!

For the month of September, we are proud to highlight the community contributions of Donna Whitig and Barbara Christensen. Thanks to Donna and Barbara for all you do!

We ask that our Hub Heroes share two truths and a lie about themselves — take a look below! Head to the Power of Us Hub, meet Donna and Barbara and see if you can solve their “two truths and a lie!”

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See you in the Hub!

Barbara Christensen

Percolator Consulting
Barbara Christensen

1. Two truths and a lie about you!

  • When I’m not being a geek for good, I am a modern dancer, wannabe knitter/crafter, hiker, backyard homesteader, tabletop gamer and GISH-er, and art lover.
  • I was encouraged from a young age to pursue a tech career and learned all I need to know by getting an Ivy League CS degree as a coder wunderkind at 12. Then I made my first million at 15. Next week I’m launching my 3rd fully funded startup this year.
  • For almost 15 years, I have had an extra savings account to fund a dream vacation to Japan, and this Fall I’m finally spending it…for a whole month abroad!

2. Why is community important to you? What motivates you to contribute?
Despite my love of overly cerebral and sometimes obtuse art forms, I’m more of a product than a process person. An organized community delivers: I don’t know any other way of accomplishing such powerful outcomes and bringing along as many people as community can. My 5+ years in The Power of Us and its predecessors has taught me so much and introduced me to amazing people, especially via Amplify, and I’m thrilled to give back.

Donna Whitig

BackOffice Thinking
Twitter handle: @dwhitig
Donna Whitig
1. Two truths and one lie about you!

  • I was part of the community when it was only on Google groups.
  • I had a indoor pet bunny named Bubba.
  • I competed on American Ninja Warrior.

2. Why is community important to you? What motivates you to contribute?
Throughout my life I have been blessed with people willing to share time and knowledge with me. Some have helped me advance my career and some have helped me become a better person – most have done both. The Salesforce community has given me the opportunity to give back and in some small way pay my good fortune forward.

I’ve never attended an in-person Salesforce event where the people were not warm and welcoming. It didn’t matter if I worked for a competitor or if I was at a different skill level, someone was always willing to share an experience or a helpful tip.

Community, Salesforce or otherwise, gives us the opportunity to do good and to make the world a better place and that’s what motivates me to contribute.

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