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Hub Heroes: June 2016

By June 24, 2016

For the month of June, we are proud to highlight the community contributions of Ashley Papp and John Fine. Thanks to Ashley and John for all you do!

Ashley PappAshley Papp
Cloud for Good

Two truths and one lie about Ashley:

  1. I have three small rescue dogs.
  2. I really don’t like music.
  3. I am a fluent Hungarian speaker.

Why is community important to you? What motivates you to contribute?
The Power of Us Hub is comprised of a variety of individuals who make up a strong community. I find this community extremely important, as I am heavily involved in a small, grassroots nonprofit. I have seen first-hand how difficult it can be when your organization could benefit from a Salesforce implementation, but your budget does not allow for it. Many nonprofits try to do their own implementations because it is the only way they can have Salesforce. I’m motivated to contribute to the Power of Us Hub because the impact that using Salesforce can have on a nonprofit is transformational! It truly allows an organization to focus on their mission, raise more funds and have a larger impact. I want to help them be successful by answering a question or talking about my experiences in the Hub.

John FineJohn Fine
Hood River County School District Foundation

Two truths and one lie about John:

  1. I always wear tie dye.
  2. I don’t know how to cook.
  3. I’ve climbed El Capitan six times.

Why is community important to you? What motivates you to contribute?
My working day is just me in front of three screens, so the people I collaborate with remotely are my community – they are the vibrant human connection that is so important to giving me the meaning at the heart of my work.

Knowing that every single contributor to Power of Us HUB is trying to help improve someone’s life through the organization they are working for is a wonderful reason to sit down and try to help someone each day.

Every time I contribute to the Power of Us HUB, I feel the pride and camaraderie of being a member of the poster’s team, just for that moment. When I ask a question on the HUB I feel exactly the same about the folks who answer – for that moment, they are a member of my team. Asking or answering, I am honored to collaborate with such excellent human beings.


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