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Hub Heroes: August 2018

By Lizzy Roberts August 2, 2018

The Power of Us Hub is an online community for customers, certified partners and staff. The Hub is a place for you to get answers, build your Salesforce skills, share your expertise and connect with others in the nonprofit, higher education, and K-12 sectors who are using Salesforce!

Every month we feature members of the Power of Us Hub who help other members become more successful — they become “Hub Heroes”!

For the month of August, we are proud to highlight the community contributions of Deanne Walters and Ryan Upton. Thanks to Deanne and Ryan for all you do!

We ask that our Hub Heroes share two truths and a lie about themselves — take a look below! Head to the Power of Us Hub, meet Deanne and Ryan and see if you can solve their “two truths and a lie!”

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See you in the Hub!

Deanne Walters

Grace Institute
Deanne Walters

1. Two truths and a lie about you!

  • I went to all four years of undergrad in Japan.
  • In my free time I produce a podcast about Salesforce.
  • I have only worked as a Salesforce Admin for just over a year.

2. Why is community important to you? What motivates you to contribute?
In various forms community has always been a part of my life. It has taught me a fundamental about life which is one cannot do it all on their own. There will always be something I do not know. That is where community is there is support you in your weakness and in return you get to help support others in their times of weakness. Community makes us all better.

In part that motivates me to be active on the Hub. When I have also gotten that rare error or faced the same problem. The other motivating factor for me is solving puzzles. From sudoku to Salesforce I love to figure out how to solve puzzles with the tools that I have and to get what I want to happen done. It is amazing to get to share that information either with people on the hub or at a World Tour or anywhere else.

Ryan Upton

Acumen Solutions
Twitter handle: @ryanjupton
Ryan Upton
1. Two truths and one lie about you!

  • I once drove a Bugatit Veyron
  • I once blew up a tank with a C4 charge
  • I started my professional life as a C programmer

2. Why is community important to you? What motivates you to contribute?
The Salesforce community is hands-down the greatest technical/product community I’ve ever seen and I’ve belonged to a bunch over my career. The people who participate in it are great, the way it self-organizes around things and works collaboratively to get answers is amazing. The business relationships and friendships that are spawned from this are icing on the cake and pretty neat to watch evolve and participate in. I’ve never seen a bad actor in the Salesforce community and that’s amazing.

The Salesforce community has taught me a lot in the ten years I’ve been a member. Giving back to that and perpetuating it is one of the greatest motivators that make it fun to contribute. I’ve garnered quite a bit of Salesforce knowledge over the years as both a Salesforce employee and partner, through hard knocks, trial and error, and friendly people taking pity on my pleas for help. You could say that fact gives me an obligation to contribute back but given my love for the community and people in it that “obligation” is one of my biggest pleasures.

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