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How we are working with our venue’s to make The Connected Nonprofit Conferences sustainable!

By October 16, 2018

The Connected Nonprofit Conference London and Amsterdam are right around the corner and London has already sold out! If you didn’t manage to secure a spot in London, Amsterdam still has tickets available but get in quick as they are flying out the door!

Here at the environment is important to us. In fact, we consider it to be a key stakeholder. Which is why we are currently on a mission to embed sustainability into each event by focusing on 4 key areas:

1. Inspiring attendees
2. Sourcing responsibility
3. Conserving resources
4. Reducing waste

This is why we are so excited to be hosting our Connected Nonprofit Conferences at 8 Northumberland and Beurs van Berlage as so many of our core values are aligned when it comes to sustainability.

8 Northumberland

In an industry that is rich in the consumption of plastics, 8 Northumberland has come up with some ingenious alternatives to this harmful material and tips to make every event they host more sustainable. Below are just a couple of their initiatives!

When organising events we often overproduce materials, like programmes, that we all think are vital for the day. 8 Northumberland is now using technology such as mirrored TV screens, to display the essential information in a unique way that would have usually been included in a programme.

What we are extremely excited about is that their mission is to support the local community, all of the produce, where possible, is British and locally sourced. Having a dedication to using local produce within a certain vicinity of the venue, not only means that ingredients are fresh and delicious but it also reduces their carbon footprint.

Read more about their sustainability mission here.

Beurs van Berlage

Beurs van Berlage is the central meeting place in the heart of Amsterdam, situated in a national monument. A goal at the forefront is to preserve the monument for future generations.

Because of its monumental status, the Beurs van Berlage does not have air conditioning. This is a huge factor in the conservation of energy.

Beurs van Berlage uses ecologically responsible cleaning supplies wherever possible. They choose local products and almost all the fish used has the MSC certification. The use of disposables is limited as much as possible. And when they do have to use them, they make sure that it is made of cardboard or other biodegradable material.

What is another great fact is all hotels are situated at walking distance of the Beurs van Berlage, therefore the CO2 emission of the transport of guests to and from the hotels is very limited.

Read more about their sustainability mission here.

If you want to learn more take the Sustainable Future trail on Trailhead to learn how business, government, and individuals can drive climate change solutions together.