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How to log a technical support ticket with

By August 18, 2013

The Standard Success plan includes access to technical support with a 2-business-day response time for support cases logged via the Help & Training portal. Every customer has access to a Standard Success plan.

To submit a technical support case, go to the Help and Training portal and click the “Contact Support” link located on the upper right hand side of the home page. Then click the “Open a Case” button.




Fill out the “Open a Case” form completely including the questions on business impact. To ensure the quickest answer to your question, include: details on exactly what you are trying to do and what you have tried;  details on any Apps that might be involved in your issue; and any other specifics that will help the technical support agent get your question routed the correct way. The details you provide will help prioritize your case.

When you click “Next” to submit the case form, you may see a list of suggested Knowledge articles related to your issue. If those articles don’t answer your question, and you still need to submit the case, click “Submit” and technical support will respond via email within 2 business days.

Once you submit a case through the Help and Training portal, uses what they call skills-based routing to ensure cases go to the right experts. They use a tiered model, so simple questions start at Tier-1 and progress based on case complexity.

For most issues, you can submit a case online using the Help & Training portal as described above.  The Help & Training portal is available 24×7.


In the rare case where you run into what we call a “Severity 1 critical production issue”  (eg. we have internet access, but no one can successfully login to our Salesforce ORG), please call 1-800-NOSOFTWARE to speak a representative directly. You can call Salesforce tech support during local business hours, five days a week.  The phone numbers are listed in the Help & Training portal.  Just click the “Contact Support” link to access the phone numbers. You might also want to check to check if is having issues on your instance (what instance am I on?).

To manage a technical support case, open the Help & Training portal and go to the “My Cases” gadget. Click on the View All Cases link. You’ll get a list of all your cases, and then you can select a case to see more details.

To update the case,  click “New” on the case comments related list or attached a file using the attach a file button.


The Standard Success plan is for organizations that need standard guidance in getting started with Salesforce. If you need a faster response, 24×7 support coverage, and a comprehensive training solution, we recommend a Premier Success plan. The Foundation offers Premier Success at a deep discount to our customers. To inquire about pricing for Premier Success, please call 1-800-NOSOFTWARE and ask to talk to your Account Executive.