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How to Get Started: G Suite + Education Cloud

By March 12, 2020

G Suite + Salesforce

By: Education Cloud Team

What happens when you put two world-class clouds together? Super-charged effectiveness, that’s what. Education Cloud and Google Cloud are partnering to deliver better-together productivity solutions for higher ed professionals.

Built on the the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Education Cloud provides a holistic view to engage every student, empowering institutions to transform learner engagements into lifelong relationships with solutions across the entire lifecycle.

G Suite is designed to empower educators and students as they learn and innovate together. With G Suite for Education, educators can create opportunities for learning, streamline administrative tasks, and more effectively address students’ needs—all without disrupting current workflows.

Benefits of G Suite

Each stands on its own as a powerful solution, but put them together and you get increased productivity and better support for students. The integration of the Salesforce platform and three of G Suite’s most powerful apps — Gmail, Drive, and Sheets — empower education professionals to have more time in their day to focus on what really matters: ensuring successful learner outcomes.

These productivity solutions can help support students, faculty, and staff at every point of engagement including the following ways.

G Suite

Drive Enhanced Marketing and Enrollment

Difficulty accessing and understanding data is one of the biggest barriers to delivering positive prospective student experiences, and it can lead to lots of questions and confusion. Are your emails being opened, and are they providing the right next steps for admission and enrollment? What behavior should you be tracking and activating? How do you bring students on campus or into a virtual dialogue?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and Google Analytics 360 come together to help you tackle data challenges throughout the marketing, recruitment, and admissions process or funnel. Our integrations allow recruitment and enrollment teams to measure the effectiveness of their efforts across channels in a single place, drive personalization, and understand attribution for repeat success.

Deliver Support Experiences Powered by AI and Voice

Institutions with help or service desk agents need modern tools that can streamline information and make it easy to find. This way, your staff can focus on helping students, not searching for answers. Salesforce Service Cloud, Einstein AI, and Google Cloud Contact Center AI join forces to empower education organizations with comprehensive AI-powered customer service tools.

Surface Connected and Intelligent Insights

When systems are siloed, it’s all too easy for data to become hard to find. Tracking down siloed data can lead to headaches. Salesforce has connected Einstein Analytics with Google Cloud BigQuery, Google Cloud Spanner, and Google Analytics to make data collection and prep simpler and smarter than ever — clearing the path on your journey toward actionable insights.

Increase Productivity Across Teams

Institution staff and student advisors are on the front lines of delivering education for your institution. Students’ first and lasting impressions start with them. This is a huge responsibility, and it’s only become more important as student expectations have continued to rise.

Salesforce and Google are bringing this productivity struggle to an end with Salesforce integrations across G Suite — everything from Gmail to Google Drive applications like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and beyond. This webinar will highlight how our customers have leveraged the Salesforce and G Suite integration to increase productivity and collaboration so everyone at an institution has more time in their days to focus on what really matters: student success.