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Higher Education Marketing: Drive Success with a Center of Excellence

By Brad Schleicher May 21, 2018

Learn how to establish marketing governance and ensure success with digital marketing on a higher education campus. For today’s higher education institutions, delivering a top-notch student experience is no longer optional. After all, experience is the basis on which colleges and universities are competing for an ever-shrinking pool of new student enrollments.

Marketing across the digital channels that prospective students prefer has enabled colleges and universities to build a better brand, demonstrate the valuable experience their institution offers and stand out among their competition.

But digital marketing doesn’t stop at Instagram, text messaging, or even the recruitment and admissions process. Today’s students (current, prospective, and even alumni), look at colleges and universities no differently than their favorite businesses or services. Whether applying to the school, meeting with an advisor, or thinking of making a donation, they expect engagement and attention every step of the way and they want it to be personalized to their interests and needs.

Unfortunately, institutions are in much different stages of their digital marketing. Some might be forward-thinking and able to deliver a totally connected experience from recruitment to alumni over many different channels. Others might be strong in some areas but needing improvement in others. Then there are those institutions that are really struggling to evaluate and select the right marketing platform or ensuring the right level of governance. Of course, managing the use of a digital marketing solution within a single team or department is fairly straightforward. But what if the solution is adopted by other business units across campus? How do you ensure proper governance and success for all stakeholders?

Higher Ed Digital MarketingThat’s where a center of excellence (COE) comes in. A COE is a team or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and training to departments or business units across an institution whether they’re evaluating, selecting or utilizing a technology platform.

What other features should factor into a decision for a marketing solution?

Dive into the details in this Digital Marketing Center of Excellence for Higher Education e-book, where you’ll learn about specific marketing considerations for higher education, like building a team, evaluating/selecting a solution and red flags to look out for along the way.

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