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Healthy Communities Japan with Multicultural Center Tokyo

By Haruka Maruno July 26, 2013


by Haruka Maruno, Community Program Lead Japan

On July 6th, staff from the Tokyo office held the 1st Healthy Communities program with  Multicultural Center Tokyo(MCT). MCT provides educational support to immigrant children, with a special focus on helping youths access high schools in Japan.

セールスフォース・ドットコム ファンデーションでは、認定NPO法人多文化共生センター東京とパートナーシップを組み、Healthy Communities program*を実施しました。

*Healthy Communities program とは:


Summer School trip program

7975_543897012339757_1852535495_nOn July 6th, we had a school trip with the students from Multicultural Center Tokyo. We were a big group with 32 students, 16 teachers and 19 employees and their families. It was a hot day, over 30 degrees. However, the students enjoyed the walk around the temples, shrines, sea and so on. It was a good experience for them to see these important Japanese cultural places. During this event, we posted their activities on the Facebook group. Then, we could share their beautiful activities with many employees and supporters at the same time.


Comment from Multicultural Center Tokyo

1053465_1378096399076914_417915083_oAlthough Tabunka Free School starts the first semester in April every year, we always accept students as needed. Therefore some students were very lucky to join this school trip held in early July soon after they arrived in Japan.

Ocean and Big Buddha is a very nice combination. At the suburb where they visited first time in their life, they were amazed by Budda statues and wasabi, and played on the beach. Japan is a foreign country and a completely new world for them.

992883_10201547204305963_638765729_nOn this trip, they found a different face of their classmates, delighted in everything they saw, and enjoyed a gorgeous dinner. I saw many happy faces here and there. I believe that it was an unexpectedly pleasant day for all of our students. An unforgettable gift, “The memory in Japan that volunteers at gave to each of the students with foreign roots will become greater and greater as time goes by.”(Michelle Wang, Representative of a board of directors, Multicultural Center Tokyo)

「たぶんかフリースクール」は、毎年4月開校です。ただ随時入学が可能なので、7月初旬の遠足では、まだ日本に来たばかりで参加できたラッキー者もいました。  「うみと大仏」はなかなか素敵な組み合わせです。来日後初めて繰り出した郊外で、「仏像に眼をみはり、わさびに鼻を曲げ、海に足を投げ出す」。未知の世 界だった外国で、普段と違うクラスメートの一面に出会い、歓喜し、贅沢な食事も満喫したようです。あっちでもこっちでもたくさん出会えた笑顔、笑顔・・・・。

きっとどの子にとっても予想さえしなかった楽しい一日でした。セールスフォース・ドットコムさんが自分たち「外国にルーツを持つ子どもたち」一人ひとりにくれた「日本での思い出」というプレゼントはあと2年、あと10年と年月を経るごとにどんどん大きくなっていくことでしょう。(王 慧槿, 多文化共生センター東京 代表理事)

Comment from a volunteer


On this trip, we hoped to give the children a chance to play together while learning more about Japanese history and culture. To achieve this, we created goals that teams of children can work on together. Achieving a goal will get them points, and at the end of the day, the team with the most number of points will get a reward.

???????????????????????????????In order to keep track of the points, as well as easily navigate the places, the SSE team took on the task of creating an iPad application designed for Treasure Hunting. It shows a map with a list of locations, information about each location, and information about its treasures. When I communicated the idea of the application to the SSE team, everyone was so willing to help with developing the application. Even though the members are already busy, and taking on more work than usual, they still welcomed the workload. When I communicated the additional work to our manager, he was absolutely encouraging. It made me so happy to be part of a team that is not only skilled and talented, but is also willing to share their skill and talent to make others happy.(Riezel Ramos, Team SSE,

今回の遠足を通じて、生徒たちが楽しみながら日本の歴史と文化を学ぶための機会を作りたいと思っていました。そこで、子どもたちをチームに分け、獲得したポイントで競争をする宝探しを企画しました。高得点を獲得したチームは賞をもらえるという仕組みです。各チームのポイントを追跡できるようにするため、スキルを生かしたチームボランティアとして宝探し専用のiPadアプリを開発しました。アプリの地図上では、宝物の場所とポイントを見ることができます。アプリ開発にあたり、チームにアイデアを相談したところ、皆から積極的に「やります!」という返事が来ました。マネージャーからもあたたかい応援を頂きました。このように、子どもたちの笑顔のためにスキルを使ってアプリを作ることができる素晴らしいチームの一員であることを本当に嬉しく思います。 (Riezel Ramos, セールスフォース・ドットコム SSEチーム)

今後もセールスフォース・ドットコムでは、Healthy Communities programを通じて、継続的に外国にルーツのある子どもたちを応援します。