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#GivingTuesday and Beyond

By November 27, 2017

Giving Tuesday 2017
By: Emily Goodstein, Marketing Consultant

Happy #GivingTuesday! Although the big day is just one day away, this post is actually about life after tomorrow.

And the next day.

And the day after that.

We’re here to talk about keeping the #GivingTuesday buzz going until the end of the year.

Social Savvy

Did anyone with a major social network make a first time gift? This is your chance to send a handwritten thank you note and invite your newest social influencer to be an ambassador for your organization. If you’re using Social Studio, you can easily find out who has a significant reach so you’ll know who to approach. In the age of social media, large dollar gifts are important but so are donors with a large social reach.

Many Thanks

Speaking of thank you notes, your organization will likely get a whole bunch of online donations tomorrow (#fingerscrossed). Double check that your thank you messages and drip email campaigns are in good working order. The folks who donate this week should feel extra special that they’ve joined the ranks of your organization’s donor community… And when we say extra special, we mean more than one thank you email.

Self Care

You heard it from Marc Benioff during Dreamforce… don’t forget to take care of yourself and your team during this very busy time. Just as you’ve thanked your donors, thank yourselves. This may mean bringing in lunch for the team, providing a comp day or allowing folks to work from home. Frequent breaks are important for productivity so build a few stretch breaks into your day in between all those meetings. And water. Lots of water! If it is hard for you to remember, team up with a colleague and become self care #accountabilibuddies.

Ask for Anything (…but money)

And as you transition from #GivingTuesday to end of year, give your donors a mini break and let them help your organization in ways other than donating. Think about an advocacy action or petition, asking for the donation of time or objects as opposed to money, or asking folks to donate their social media real estate to encourage friends to support your work.

Stay tuned for more year end suggestions in the coming weeks. And in the meantime, take a look through the #GivingTuesday toolkit, for best practices that apply to life post-#GT, too.