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Email Deliverability: The Topic Every Nonprofit Marketer Should be Talking About

By July 23, 2018

By: Michael Sharelis, Senior Channel Development Manager at Return Path and Elaine Stanfield, Product Marketing Manager at

Email DeliverabilityWhat are you doing to increase your inbox placement rates and expand your organization’s reach? How do you ensure your messages are being sent to the right person at the right time? As a nonprofit marketer, It’s not as simple as creating beautiful email content for your subscribers. You also have to ensure that those beautiful emails are landing in your subscribers inboxes. Email Deliverability is your golden ticket to increasing your subscriber base and positioning your campaigns for success.

Let’s start with the basics. What is email deliverability? Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes. It is what some marketers use to gauge the likelihood of their email campaigns reaching their subscribers’ inboxes related to actual delivery and NOT being marked as spam.

There are more than a few elements that hurt deliverability, including sending without custom authentication, using spam email subject lines, using single opt-in, sending from a free domain email address, making it difficult to unsubscribe, sending too much email, not managing complaints, spam traps, blacklist,using URL shorteners, and sending emails with too many images, among many others.

So how do you ensure your emails are not being sent to spam and are landing in the right subscriber’s inboxes? Together, Return Path and Salesforce,org Nonprofit Cloud can help you conquer your email deliverability challenges and improve the ROI of your email marketing.

Return Path knows email. Return Path knows email.

Return Path is the industry’s global leader in email deliverability. At 18 years old and almost 2,000 years of combined experience in email with their employees, they are dedicating all of their knowledge to helping marketers reach the inbox.

Return Path partners with to ensure their constituent’s emails are reaching the inbox. Together, they provide the visibility into inbox deliverability, optimization, engagement metrics and competitive analysis. Return Path’s data helps drive the key decisions within the email channel to maximize on fundraising, awareness and admissions.

Return Path integrates with Salesforce to make it easy to improve your email deliverability.

Return Path seamlessly integrates in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Deliverability can be challenging, especially in the nonprofit space. Utilizing the crucial data points and visibility into your campaigns puts you, as the marketer, in the driver’s seat to maximize on email. With the seamless integration between Return Path and Salesforce, you can create and run your best email campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, easily sync that data back to your Salesforce CRM, and sleep easy knowing that your emails are being delivered to your subscriber’s inboxes.

Marketing AutomationWhether you’re raising awareness, campaigning, or fundraising, email deliverability is an ever-changing aspect of marketing that every nonprofit should be talking about.

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