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New Innovations Help Schools Create More Connected Experiences

By September 1, 2020 Elevate is in the process of being retired, and will no longer be sold as of April 3, 2023. See more information in our communication, or find one of our many partners on the AppExchange if you are searching for a digital fundraising solution.

For existing customers, Elevate will be supported through the end of existing contracts.

School is back in session all over the world, and it looks a little different this year. In a time of unpredictability in our education system, we are all looking for some good news – Salesforce has you covered! Our latest release is packed with features to support schools, districts and universities as they reimagine learning and teaching in 2020. Here are just a few features that we know you’ll be excited about.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Educational institutions manage a lot of sensitive data — from student records and test scores to financial aid information. Data security is always top priority. Multi-factor authentication is a multi-step process to verify a user’s identity before granting entry to your Salesforce org. This process is an important step to keep your institution’s data safe against the most common cyber threats.

We support a number of strong verification methods to support multi-factor authentication, including Salesforce Authenticator mobile app, Third-Party Authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or authy, and Security keys like Yubikey or Google’s Titan Security key. These three options are great because they require users to have the verification in their possession.

Multi-factor authentication options: Salesforce Authenticator Mobile App, Third-Party Authenticator App, and Security Key

We highly recommend implementing multi-factor authentication to keep your institution secure. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this trail on user authentication.

Positive Behavior Management

K-12 teams, this one’s for you. Our Positive Behavior Management feature allows teachers and counselors to track students’ positive contributions to school climate and culture through Cases, Behavior Involvements, and Behavior Responses. These behavior tracking objects have been updated to include options for recognition, participation and school response to positive behaviors of students and staff. In analyzing student success, often our focus narrows to only capture gains in academic achievement. With positive behavior management, we can now capture, measure, and track much more.

Dynamic Forms

The start of school has presented unique challenges for students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Admins, if you’re looking for a way to simplify your work, Dynamic Forms is here to help. Dynamic Forms allows you to manage fields and sections of your pages directly in the Lightning App Builder without touching the page layout editor. This feature also lets you reduce your total number of page layouts with component visibility rules. Dynamic Forms is flexible — get ready to rearrange, organize, and even place sections in tabs.

Manage fields and sections of pages using Dynamic Forms.

Note: Dynamic Forms is currently only available for custom objects; it’s currently unavailable for mobile.

Elevate Elevate, a single platform to connect with payment providers and manage payments directly in Gift Entry Manager, has two main features you’ll want to check out:

    • Payment Services allows you to connect to a payment provider and accept donations online through Giving Pages and offline in Gift Entry Manager, eliminating the need for manual record keeping and regular salesforce imports.

Launch campaigns quickly and easily with Giving Pages.

    • Giving Pages allows your constituents to donate anytime, anywhere. Start your fundraising campaigns in just a few clicks with out-of-the-box forms.


To learn more, join us for the Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud Product Overview webinar on Wednesday, September 16 at 11 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. EDT.


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Jenna Ross is a Success Content Specialist and focuses on building helpful resources for education customers, including webinars, workbooks and blogs. Jenna has 10 years of experience advancing K-12 education both in the classroom and with nonprofits. A previous Salesforce customer, Jenna is passionate about the value of Salesforce tools (in the hands of thoughtful, dedicated people) to transform the education space.