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DSA (Disabled Surfers Association) Kids are Up for a Surfing Challenge

By December 2, 2015

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We all remember that first time to the beach: sun, salt, sand castles and beautiful blue water! We are certainly fortunate here in Australia, as our beaches are absolutely tops!

Surf-Point-BreakFor a lucky few, we progress to mastering the art of riding waves. Whether its on your belly, a boogie board or surf board, it can be a spiritual feeling best captured by the famous surfing movie Point Break (1991) “Surfin’s the source. It’ll change your life. Swear to God.” – a quote to remember.

A couple of weeks ago, the Salesforce team and our families got an incredible opportunity to go one better and share the art of riding waves with the brave and energetic team from Disabled Surfers Association of Australia (DSA).

As part of a week-long camp, the children at DSA wanted to learn to surf. Huey (God of surfing) granted us the perfect day with 1 foot waves, sun and calm conditions!! The children needed no encouragement. Their energy was infectious! One after the other, they ditched their mobility aids for a surfboard and bravely entered the water. However, not all went smoothly. A few got dunked, but again their courage stood tall as they returned to the boards to try again. The result? A smile and spirit that will be with me forever.

DSA surfing Salesforce

Quote from Andrew Bourne – ANZ SDR Manager, Salesforce

“I have had the pleasure of being a part of this amazing event twice now, and it will always be one that I am among the first to sign up for.  Seeing how impactful a few rides on a surfboard for the kids involved is always incredible. My favourite moment this time around was when one of the kids told them to let him go and he rode the wave in on his own, doing his best to stand up.  That would have been enough to get cheers from the crowd, but it was his exit from the water that was the best part for me.  He confidently walked up the beach, beating his chest and high-fiving everyone while shouting “Now THAT’S surfing!”  That is a memory that will stick with me for a long time.”

To find out more about the DSA, go to their website: