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Why you should make the trip to Dreamforce – Highlights and ROIs!

By August 2, 2016

Dreamforce nonprofits '16
The countdown to Dreamforce is officially on and we can’t wait for the wealth of learning, exciting sessions and all the giving back that’s planned from October 4-7th in San Francisco.  We’re also really excited to welcoming a growing group of nonprofits and higher education institutions travelling from afar to what is now the largest nonprofit conference on the planet!

Matt Harrison, from Homeless Link (UK) puts it perfectly as to why it’s worth the trip – “ It’s talking to other non-profits about the passion they have to solve the social problems that face the world. It’s listening to inspiring presentations from a diverse line up of speakers. And above all, it’s the sense that the potential of the technology is limitless and yet also the way in which a really big IT company can still feel like a start-up, with accessible executives who listen and answer questions with honesty and candour rather than just a sales pitch. Sure, Dreamforce is tiring, but well worth it.”

If you’re not based in San Francisco, or even the US, you might be thinking – “how do I manage to convince my boss to let me go,” – totally understandable. As a nonprofit ourself, we know how important it is to justify every conference we attend, and travel we decide to make.

So we’ve put together some top highlights and potential ROIs that will help you have the Dreamforce conversation with your boss. Remember though – Dreamforce WILL sell out this year, so make sure you have that conversation soon!

Customer innovation showcase – Be Inspired!

During the nonprofit and higher education breakout sessions, we’ll be highlighting how some of the most innovative organisations in the world are maximizing their resources and capacity to scale and drive their missions like never before. For nonprofits, you’ll enjoy sessions on Fundraising, Program Management, Marketing, Analytics, Building Apps and Community Engagement. For Higher Eds, there’s a full track for you too, focused on Recruiting/Admissions, Student Success, Advancement, Platform/Apps, HEDA, Marketing, Communities, and Analytics.

“It was inspiring to see how other nonprofit organisations are using Salesforce in their administrative work. This inspiration has subsequently led to new implementations in The Velux Foundations.” – Alexander Lovendorf, Senior Advisor, The Velux Foundation

ROI 1 – Dreamforce attendees reported a 39% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness

Theater sessions and expert advice – Make Plans!

Over the course of the four days you’ll get the chance to sit in on a diverse range of theater sessions where you’ll learn how technology is applied to organisations problems. You’ll enjoy demos, how-tos and see how Salesforce is being used is many different types of organisation in the nonprofit and higher education space. You’ll also get to the chance to dive into Trailheads and partake in a live Office Hours session where you can ask Salesforce experts in the nonprofit and higher ed sector about implementing those ideas in your unique organisation.

Dreamforce nonprofits '16

ROI 2 – Dreamforce attendees report a 37% increase in constituent satisfaction

Training opportunities – Get Skilled!

If you’re interested in improving your Salesforce skills then Dreamforce is the perfect place to do it. Take this opportunity away from your busy day-to-day to really focus on learning and training. Think about it… Dreamforce is the place to get ideas, become inspired and all this back to your organisation, ready to make a storm and truly enhance your mission. When you couple this inspiration with your new skills and the connections you’ll make, you’ll really be equipped to execute all your ideas and make your mark.

Dreamforce classes are half the normal length and the lowest price of the year, so you’ll enjoy the rewards of success twice as fast at the lowest rate. There are also plenty of certification opportunities available to help keep your expertise updated. Check them out here >>

ROI 3 – Dreamforce attendees reported 51% faster deployment

Truly understand the Salesforce ecosystem – Be Informed!

Dreamforce nonprofit '16Salesforce is so much more than a CRM, and it’s at Dreamforce that you’ll truly understand the full range of technology that Salesforce offers and the unique technology ecosystem that connects with it. With Keynotes and sessions for every cloud, you’ll quickly realize how you might engage with so much more on the Salesforce platform. In the Cloud Expo, the world’s largest cloud ecosystem under one roof, you can talk about the future of technology with some of the best and brightest minds in the business.

“Dreamforce helped me get clarity and conviction in our investment in the Salesforce system for our organisation. Spending time with the Salesforce partners showed me the potential for growth that we could achieve. Its really an experience like no other.” – Jess Timmins, COO, AIME

ROI 4 – Dreamforce attendees reported a 32% increase in donations

Network with leaders in your sector – Get Connected!

One of the greatest take-aways from Dreamforce is undoubtedly the people you meet, and connections that you make, whether business or personal often form people’s fond memories of their time in San Francisco at the event of the year. Make those moments count!

“Dreamforce is an opportunity to catch-up; meet like-minded organisations, learn, think about ways that you can transform your relationship with stakeholders…”

“We live in an increasingly digitally-connected world; our beneficiaries are connected, our donors are connected, but currently the charity sector is at risk of being left behind. Dreamforce is an opportunity to catch-up; meet like-minded organisations, learn, think about ways that you can transform your relationship with stakeholders, and ensure you the impact of your organisation in tomorrow’s world.” – Jonny Elliott, Head of Technology, Youth Business International

This year, we’re welcoming a whole cohort of international customers. Will you be one of them?

Register today and keep an eye out for the Road to Dreamforce webinar series which will help you prep for your time in San Francisco in October. With the Discount Code*, nonprofits, colleges, and universities can register for Dreamforce today for just $400! Enter discount code D16NP400FS when registering for our special Dreamforce rate.

Dreamforce nonprofit '16

* The discounted rate is ONLY available if you are a full-time employee of an organization recognized as a charitable, nonprofit, or nongovernmental organization in the country in which you are located. All registrations utilizing this discounted rate will be subject to verification.