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[DOT Org Amsterdam] Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Marcello Palazzi

By November 21, 2019

Set Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Free at DOT Org Amsterdam with Keynote Speaker Marcello Palazzi

We’re excited to announce social entrepreneur and change-maker Marcello Palazzi as our closing keynote speaker at DOT org Amsterdam. Read on to find out how Marcello – who has helped to reshape our world with hundreds of inspiring initiatives – and DOT org Amsterdam will help unleash your full entrepreneurial potential.

Nonprofits of all sizes are harnessing the power of technology to accelerate their impact and drive their missions forward. From measuring outcomes and making data-driven decisions to developing teams and optimising processes, nonprofits are blazing a trail in creating agile and responsible organisations. But taking a leap into new territory can be a daunting experience.

Join us and Marcello Palazzi at DOT org Amsterdam to find out how to set your entrepreneurial spirit free and fast-track change. “Nonprofits have the potential to be at the centre stage of global change, but it won’t be easy,” comments Marcello. “They will need to engage and lead more boldly to maximise their impact and ensure they reach a wider audience in today’s diverse society.”

Collaborating to drive greater impact.

Marcello is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for creativity and social change. From developing environmental technology solutions to setting up global social summits, Marcello has been blazing a trail for a better world for more than 30 years.

He founded Progressio Foundation in 1989 with the aim of channelling people’s entrepreneurial spirit to address some of society’s toughest issues, including sustainability and equality. The organisation has gone on to launch 300 initiatives across 33 countries to support the next generation of change-makers. “If we want to see a change in society, we need to start with the way we run our organisations,” says Palazzi. “By taking best practices from businesses and other nonprofits, we can create more impact together.”

Marcello has been at the forefront of encouraging collaboration between businesses and nonprofits for several years. As part of a United Nations social summit, he brought together more than 300 business leaders from some of the world’s top brands with NGOs. His work with the UN continues today and is focused on encouraging greater adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals by the world’s business community.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Marcello also co-founded B Lab Europe, which helps to unite businesses that balance purpose with profit and consider the impact of their decisions on people, partners, and the planet. Thousands of companies in 17 countries have signed up to the B Corp Certification, which is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance.

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Be part of a more socially inclusive world

Marcello’s keynote will include insights from his impressive career and provide nonprofits with ideas on how to form new ventures and keep ideas flowing as their programmes and organisations mature.

“Nonprofits need to think big. Even if you are starting small with limited resources, you can still achieve a great impact with the right leadership and engagement,” comments Marcello. “I love helping organisations keep that spark of creativity alive and helping people give the best of themselves.”

Change-makers from Unseen and War Child, will be joining Marcello on the stage at DOT org Amsterdam on 10 December to share best practices and advice to develop, optimise and transform for impact.

From roundtables to workshops, the event will provide a full day of inspirational learning and insightful demos on topics as diverse as promoting stronger leadership, driving richer audience and employee engagement, and encouraging greater diversity.

“We are moving toward a more entrepreneurial society and nonprofits can help accelerate that shift. By bringing together nonprofits, businesses, and governments, we can drive the adoption of socially inclusive capitalism and create a more socially inclusive world,” says Marcello.

We look forward to seeing you Marcello’s keynote after a day of connecting with thought leaders, technology partners and fellow nonprofits.

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