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Create and Manage Donation Allocations in the Nonprofit Starter Pack

By February 5, 2015

A couple of months ago, new donation allocation functionality was added to the Nonprofit Starter Pack(NPSP) v3. Many nonprofits use General Accounting Units (GAUs) to track restricted donations, and since GAUs are as diverse in their uses and names as the nonprofits that use them, the NPSP allows you to define as many GAUs as you need to match your chart of accounts. You can then enter and track donations as parts of a GAU — either as a percentage of the total amount, or as a specific dollar amount.

You can also use Salesforce campaigns to manage a group of donations so that when you enter opportunities as a part of that campaign, Salesforce allocates them to the defined GAUs at pre-determined percentages or dollar amounts.

HUB community member Dianna Stockdale from Earthcorps wrote the documentation about using the donation allocations features in the NPSP. Learn more about this functionality in her “NPSP: Create and Manage Donation Allocations” Knowledge article. Have more questions? Ask in the Nonprofit Starter Pack group in the Power of Us HUB.

Finally, if you haven’t upgraded to v3 of the Nonprofit Started Pack yet, be sure to attend the upcoming “Upgrading to Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0” webinar to learn more.

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