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Connect with Users like you in the Solution Exchange

By Lizzy Roberts March 23, 2018

Have you ever found yourself asking “I wonder how other nonprofits and/or education institutions use Salesforce to

    …manage volunteers, fundraising, donations
    …organize information across multiple schools or campuses
    …expand your mission”

Ask no longer! We’ve got a place for you to learn about how others are using Salesforce. It’s called the Solution Exchange and it lives in the online community, the Power of Us Hub.

Learn about how others are using Salesforce. It’s called the Solution Exchange.

What’s the Solution Exchange?

The Solution Exchange is a community-powered tool designed to connect you to Trailblazers at organizations or institutions who are trying to solve similar challenges using Salesforce.

Through the Solution Exchange, you can find like-minded users and connect with them directly in the Power of Us Hub community. Every customer is a member of the Hub, so you can log in with your Salesforce credentials.

How do I access the Solution Exchange?

Go to to start exploring or check out some of the featured solutions for this week.

Note: you will need to log into the Power of Us Hub to view these links:
University of Miami Uses Salesforce to Create a 1:1 Recruiting Experience

If you find value in the Solution Exchange, don’t forget to return the favor and share YOUR successful solutions.

Through the Solution Exchange, your organization can help drive collaboration and innovation among other forward-thinking nonprofits and education institutions using Salesforce.

How can I submit a Solution?

It’s easy to upload your use case to the Solution Exchange. Just login to the Power of Us Hub and complete this simple wizard.

We are on this mission together!

Explore the Solution Exchange

The Power of Us Hub is an online community for customers, certified partners and staff. The Hub is a place for you to get answers, build your Salesforce skills, share your expertise & connect with others in the nonprofit, higher ed & K-12 sectors who are using Salesforce!