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Community Hero Paige T. Spicer

By August 23, 2014

“I love working in the nonprofit sector because people are filled with such kindness and enthusiasm. If I need a reminder of that, I just log in to the HUB.”
– Paige T. Spicer

We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Power of Us HUB by recognizing 30 community members who have been instrumental in supporting the growing community of nonprofit and higher ed Salesforce users.

Paige T SpicerToday’s community hero is Paige T. Spicer (@PaigeTSpicer), Database Administrator at Humanities Washington. Paige is a trusted contributor in the Power of Us HUB and an active member of the Seattle Nonprofit User Group and the Puget Sound Admins groups. She is also working with her collaborators in Girlforce to co-lead a Salesforce certification study group. She is always willing to share her experience, organize or host a meeting or event, and/or pass along helpful resources and tips. It is this openness to sharing lessons learned and the desire to connect and learn from others that makes her a great asset in the HUB. THANKS Paige!

Who are you (in 250 words or less)?

“I entered the nonprofit sector three years ago, starting at the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra, where I discovered my passion for helping organizations to further their missions by telling stories with data. Now at Humanities Washington, an organization which seeks to spark conversation and critical thinking using story as a catalyst, I realize that goal by maintaining the performance and integrity of our database. If you catch me at a moment I am not working with Salesforce, you will find me pursuing artistic endeavors or enjoying life in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.”

How long have you been working with Salesforce products?

“Since 2012.”

What quick tip would you give someone getting started with Salesforce?

“Take advantage of the nonprofit Salesforce community: there are many who are happy to share their knowledge, and people who will be grateful to learn the knowledge that you have gained.”

As a thank-you for all Paige has done for the community over the last year, the Foundation is donating $250 to Humanities Washington.

Connect with Paige in the Power of Us HUB