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Community Hero Liza Mueller

By August 19, 2014

“I participate in the Power of US Hub to give back, to get answers, and be inspired. Over the years different Salesforce user communities have given me so much knowledge and confidence to push myself and my organization further – the HUB takes it to that next level.”
– Liza Mueller

Liza MuellerWe are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Power of Us HUB  by recognizing 30 community members who have been instrumental in supporting the growing community of nonprofit and higher ed Salesforce users.

Today’s community hero is Liza Mueller, Director of Knowledge Management at Echoing Green, a nonprofit organization that works to unleash next generation talent to solve the world’s biggest problems. Liza is a regular contributor in the HUB where she asks questions, answers questions, and often contributes her firsthand experience and organizational best practices for the benefit of others. This openness to sharing is absolutely critical to the success of a community and it inspires others to get involved. Liza, thank YOU for being a top influencer in the HUB!

Who are you (in 250 words or less)?

“From international development to documentary film and then to social entrepreneurship, my career has taken some interesting twists and turns with one clear through line: I’m passionate about making the places where I work more efficient through systems, tools, and data that inform progress. Every day I work with my team and the Salesforce-savvy Echoing Green staff to identify, design, implement, and launch new functionality, tools, and processes. We believe that the real power is in integrated solutions throughout the organization; when everything and everyone works together – everything is better! I spend my time outside of work exploring far-flung or obscure parts of NYC on bike and foot, DIY projects, and am always planning my next travels.”

How long have you been working with Salesforce products?

“Since 2006.”

What quick tip would you give someone getting started with Salesforce?

“Practice running reports – practice practice practice. It will help you become familiar with the fields available to you, understand how objects work together, and inform your philosophy of data collection and entry (few things are more frustrating than running the right report only to find the key data is missing).”

As a thank-you for all Liza has done for the community over the last year, the Foundation is donating $250 to Echoing Green.

Connect with Liza in the Power of Us HUB