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Community Hero Alicia Schmidt

By September 1, 2014

“Alicia’s steadfast commitment and passion for the community shows through her innovative work in the HUB, her dedicated voice of our Foundation customer, her passion for education and training, and her endless spirit.”
– Suzanne DiBianca, President,

Alicia We are celebrating the one year anniversary of the Power of Us HUB by recognizing 30 community members who have been instrumental in supporting the growing community of nonprofit and higher ed Salesforce users.

“Our final community hero is Alicia Schmidt, Director of Customer Communities here at Alicia is the top contributor in the Power of Us Hub as well as the community’s manager. When she isn’t busy answering questions in the HUB, welcoming almost each and every new member, supporting community champions and MVPs, and finding creative ways to get customers access to free and discounted training, she’s tirelessly advocating behind the scenes, encouraging Foundation staff to get involved directly in our customers’ success by engaging with them through the HUB, and setting the strategy for our thriving community program. Alicia is truly one-of-a-kind, and the HUB would not be where it is today without her.”
– Dave Manelski, Technical Architect,

Who is Alicia (in 250 words or less)?

“Every office needs that one person. You know whom I’m talking about: the one who just gets things done. No drama. No mess. No fuss. Just done.

For, that’s always been Alicia Schmidt. She has been my role model for professionalism, class, flexibility, mental agility, and execution. I’ve had the honor of watching her bring value to the Foundation in every single role she’s played (and there have been quite a few over the years). But more importantly, I’ve had the honor of watching her keep her focus consistently locked on what matters most—our customers’ success.

Community member, director, colleague, parent, partner. She goes by many titles, all of which suit her well. I’m honored to call her a friend and confidant on top of those.”

– Kevin Bromer, Director of Product Development

How long have you been working with Alicia and what do you love about working with her?

“I met Alicia years ago when I was still a Salesforce customer. She interviewed me over Skype for a video about how nonprofits can get the most out of Dreamforce. That experience goes to show you that Alicia is an advocate for the community at her core. The thing I love most about working with her—aside from the fact that talking with her brightens my day—is her relentless pursuit of new ways to help our customers be successful on the Salesforce platform. She consistently reminds and challenges us to keep our focus on our customers, their experience, and their success. I was beyond thrilled when Alicia stepped up to the challenge of leading the Power of Us HUB because I knew that the community would be destined for success in her hands.”
-Nick Bailey, Director, Business Applications,

How has Alicia helped people get started with Salesforce?

“Alicia is the friendly face of the Foundation for every single person who joins the HUB. Alicia’s welcoming message and approachable tone help make every one of our Foundation customers feel like they’re special and loved! Without Alicia, I don’t know what we would do!”
-Marc Baizman, Customer Service Director,

Connect with Alicia in the Power of Us HUB