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BizAcademy Japan – A Partner Perspective

By Haruka Maruno March 6, 2015

BizAcademy Japan

BizAcademy, Japan took place from August 21st to September 10th of last year. This programme aims to increase independence in under-served youths and give them a clearer idea of their career paths.

The results of this programme are clear – giving deserving youths the opportunity to kick-start their career with confidence. Following the programme, a number of our BizAcademy graduates received job opportunities at Salesforce partner companies and local nonprofit organizations. Three graduates are currently working at partner companies in various roles and two graduates have started their career as Salesforce administrators in nonprofit organizations who they had previous connections with.

Talking to a representative from Seraku Co.,Ltd. that offered employment to a BizAcademy graduate in a full-time role, we found out why these companies are interested in BizAcademy and what it means to their organization.

Q. What made you decide to take part in BizAcademy as a partner company?

A. We ordinarily hire potential people regardless of their past career, education and operational experience. We educate them with a long-term perspective by providing an internal educational programme to develop talented people who can contribute to our customers and community. I was interested in BizAcademy to hire such potential people. In addition, I’m very familiar with the Salesforce 1-1-1 model, and wanted support this programme in a partner capacity.

Q. How did you take part in this programme?

A. Initially, we had a session to introduce our business to BizAcademy trainees and I was glad that everyone listened to our story seriously. Towards the end of the programme, we attended a final presentation session and had lunch with the graduates. Through the entire process, we got to know each other well.

Q. You hired a BizAcademy graduate. What role is he in now?

A. He was keen to work in sales, but did not have much experience in the IT industry so we offered him a job in the kitting team as a first step. We are now discussing his next steps with mid and long-term perspective in-mind, after he’s gained some experienced and skills in IT.

Q. What were your thoughts about the programme?

A. I was so glad that we could meet potential youths and give one of them employment. I think its huge progress that we could provide a job opportunity and include them in our sustainable internal education program. It was a rewarding programme for our company too. We had the chance to play a role in helping to build a career vision for trainees by sharing our experience and our business.


Looking for you! Japan is looking for additional BizAcademy partners in 2015. This is open to both partner companies and nonprofit organization who would like to collaborate and support the program by various ways. If you are interested in this finding out more, please contact us in Japan. ([email protected]).

Japanese version

2014年8月21日から9月10日に開催した、正規雇用されていない若者が明確なキャリアビジョンを持ち自立することを目的とした就労支援プログラム BizAcademy。BizAcademyを機に、パートナー企業・非営利団体での就業の機会を得た参加者もいました。 卒業生の3名が企業にて正規採用を含むさまざまな形態で就業し、また、2名は所属する非営利団体でSalesforceの管理者として活躍しています。


Q. BizAcademyにパートナー企業として参加するきっかけは?

A. 当社は、実務経験の有無や学歴・職歴に関わらず意欲の高い方をポテンシャル重視で採用しており、社内の教育プログラムを活用して、顧客や社会に貢献できる人材に長期的な視点で育成しています。そのような方を採用する機会として興味を持ちました。また、セールスフォース・ドットコムの社会貢献の姿勢である1/1/1モデルを知っていたので、 セラクとして力になれるところがあれば協力したいと思いました。

Q. BizAcademyのパートナー企業としてどんな関わりを持ったか教えてください。

A. 参加者のみなさんへ企業説明の際には、みなさん真剣に話をきいてくれて非常に嬉しかったです。また、最終発表では参加者一人ひとりのプレゼンテーションを見届け、その後参加者とランチを食べながら交流を深めました。

Q. BizAcademy卒業生のAさんは今どんなお仕事をしていますか?

A. さんは、 営業志望でしたがITの世界については未経験のため、今はキッティング※と呼ばれる事業の実務を担当しています。まずはキッティングチームの一員として 経験を積んでITの知識を付けた上で、中長期的視点でステップアップしていこうという話を本人としています。


Q. BizAcademyにパートナー企業として参加した感想を聞かせてください。





セールスフォース・ドットコム ファンデーションでは、BizAcademyに様々な形で関わってくださる企業・非営利団体様を募集しています。ご興味のある方は、セールスフォース・ドットコム ファンデーション([email protected] ) までご連絡ください。