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BizAcademy Japan – Giving Skills to Youth

By Haruka Maruno September 20, 2014

BizAcademy Japan - giving skills to youth

BizAcademy Japan 2014 took place from August 21st to September 10th at our Tokyo offices. This year, partnered with ETIC to offer a group of under-served youths between the ages of 21 and 33 years a career development program to increase their independence and give them a clearer idea of their career paths.

We provided a 14-day program which included: General Business Training, IT Industry Talks, and Salesforce ADM201 Training. The BizAcademy group also had the opportunity to get real-world business experience at’s partner companies after they graduated.

6 volunteer leaders planned and organized the program, and over 150 employee volunteers from Tokyo supported it, through training sessions, mentoring and by providing financial support for participant’s lunch.

Some thoughts from program participants:

“The 14 day program gave me the opportunity to look at myself honestly. Now, my vision is to make a difference in the lives of children using Salesforce and IT.”

“I learned so much about the IT world, which I was not familiar with before. This program gave me the skills to provide IT support to customers, which is what I would like to do now.”


BizAcademy Japan would not be possible without help from our partners and sponsors. Thanks you all for your support!

BizAcademy 2014 Partner: ETIC

Training Sponsors: Nihon Gigei, Inc., TAO Drive Corporation, SERAKU Co.,Ltd., FUNDREX Co.,Ltd., The NPO Support Center Japan, SYSYSTEM Co.,Ltd.

Salesforce ADM201 Training Sponsor: Edifist Learning Inc.

Program Sponsor: Accenture Japan Ltd

Book Donation: Mr. Fukuda, CEO, Marketo Japan

Haruka Maruno is the Community Program Lead in Japan. If you would like information about how your company can support BizAcademy in 2015, please contact Haruka.

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