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Better Together: Building Stronger Relationships with Pardot and NPSP

By Oliver Shiel February 14, 2020

Pardot and NPSP

It’s no secret that marketing automation technology and your CRM should be the perfect couple and work seamlessly together. Still, many nonprofits are using tools that don’t integrate, leading to data silos as fundraising and marketing teams work in isolation rather than in sync. The knock-on effect may be a breakdown in the lead management process and the potential loss of new opportunities. But if driving impact is everyone’s end game, what’s with the conflict?

In this blog, we will share some of the benefits of using Pardot and Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) together as the ultimate dynamic duo to get increased ROI from your marketing efforts and technology investment. 

A single source of truth 

Marketing campaigns may generate buzz, but ROI can remain ambiguous, leaving marketers struggling to showcase value. On the flip side, fundraising teams get frustrated when marketing campaigns bring them unqualified leads who are not ready to donate. 

NPSP turns the world’s #1 CRM into the world’s #1 CRM for Nonprofits and gives you the single source of data truth delivering a 360-degree view of your constituents. 

Using Pardot and NPSP together gives all your teams a unified view which enables them to gain insights into how constituents are interacting with your marketing activities and what is working best. Such analysis allows you to make data-driven decisions on the best way to spend your marketing budget to support increased fundraising performance. 

Increased efficiency and ROI 

Capturing marketing activities and communications across all touch points, channels, devices and systems enriches your data and enables all teams to build personalised connections with supporters along every stage of their journey.

The benefits of integrating marketing automation with your CRM extend far beyond easing collaborations across functions. Marketing automation also transforms lead generation, saving you the tedious task of manual lead qualification and assignment, accurately tracking ROI, and making it easier to target and segment your marketing communications. 

Building deeper connections 

A marketing automation solution opens up a world of new data for marketers to explore, both demographic and behavioural. But this data doesn’t only help marketing – it’s also essential to your fundraising team. 

From volunteers to donors and beneficiaries to partners, everyone expects to have a personalised interaction when they engage with an organisation – especially when they are supporting the organisation with time or money. 

More data, better reporting 

Reporting and analytics become more valuable when there is a unified view of the organisation and all those associated with it. As a result, nonprofits can see what is driving the most engagement and value for the organisation. Having a data-driven approach to your marketing strategy saves you valuable time and allows you to get a higher ROI from your marketing budget. 

Take your reporting to the next level, with Pardot Einstein to monitor and analyse data and use it to prioritise work for your fundraising and marketing teams. Applying intelligence to the data you have can identify patterns in donor behaviour and can highlight those who regularly attend events or engage with your content. This, in turn, can help prioritise the guestlist for your next big fundraising event.

Pardot Einstein

Lightning has struck

Good news – the Pardot Lightning app is available now! It puts all your favourite marketing automation features into the super slick lightning user interface, built on the Salesforce platform. The best part? No more jumping back and forth between Pardot and Salesforce. With Pardot Lightning, your fundraising and marketing team can truly align and work in the same space.

Integrated marketing automation unlocks your data to personalise every marketing communication, increase the efficiency of your teams, and drive cross-functional alignment. 

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