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Be Well this Back-to-School Season

By September 12, 2022

“Back to school, back to school…” 🎵 Many families are in the midst of the back-to-school rush — and we recognize this time can be stressful for many children and their parents! B-Well Together is here to help! Check out these episodes focused on supporting you and your loved ones, no matter your life stage.

Processing Emotions as a Family
Allison Briscoe-Smith, PhD, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at the Wright Institute

Get guidance on how to communicate with your kids after traumatic events hit the headlines, and move forward as a family without fear. As parents, our behavior and interactions are copy and paste templates for our kids, which is why it’s important to provide reassurance and comfort to our kids and ourselves.

Smoothie School
Kelly LeVeque, Holistic nutritionist, celebrity health coach, and best-selling author of “Body Love and Body Love Every Day.”

Grab your blender and join Kelly in the kitchen as she whips up two easy at-home breakfast smoothies to get you and your kids’ morning started with a delicious, nutritious blend.

A Journey Through Addiction
David Sheff, Author of #1 NYT Bestseller “Beautiful Boy” & Advocate of Drug Crisis, Prevention, and Treatment of Addiction with son Nic

NYT bestselling author, David Sheff, and his son, Nic — the family behind the book and film Beautiful Boy — share their experience with Nic’s addiction and a father’s innate struggle to protect his son. Tune in for an honest and healing conversation.

Grab the bookbags, pack the lunches, sharpen those #2s, and prepare for an amazingly awesome school year ahead! For more B-Well Together goodness, check out our upcoming lineup of B-Well Together speakers — and tune in to be happy, be healthy, and B-Well!