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Are your teams and your tech ready to support your mission into the future?

By August 24, 2017

Join us at Salesforce Basecamp Geneva to find out…

Progress is constant. There’s never been a time where nonprofits haven’t needed to be agile, quick to respond, and able to anticipate future trends. Yet now more than ever technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that as a nonprofit, there’s a real pressure to ensure strategies are in place to be able to deal with those advances ahead of time. Siloed data spread across multiple systems that don’t speak to each other just won’t work anymore.

Nonprofit supporters are becoming more demanding too. With so many channels and devices being used for everyday communications, donors now expect to choose how to be engaged with, and of course what information is being communicated with them. Being able to prepare to respond to future communication trends will be key to meeting donor and supporter needs going forward.

Addressing these challenges, is bringing an exciting line-up of nonprofit sessions to complement the line-up at Salesforce Basecamp Geneva on 28th September which also has some excellent resources for nonprofits to avail of (Customer Success Expo, Demos, Partner Sessions).

The event is free to attend but has limited capacity. If you are interested in attending, please ensure to register as early as possible. Nonprofit Line-Up – Basecamp Geneva ‘17

Sessions running from 13:00 – 17:00 

Making Fundraising Work End-to-End

Fundraising is a critical activity for all nonprofit organisations and having a robust long-term strategy is key to delivering sustainable programs. In this session you will hear from DNDi on how Salesforce’s technology has enabled them to maximise their fundraising performance to support their important work developing treatments for neglected diseases.

– Pascal Carpentier, Head of Information Systems and Technology at DNDi
– Ivar Jansen, AVP,

Measuring Impact for Real-Time Reporting and Action (Fireside Chat)

Creating impact is at the core of every nonprofit’s mission, but demonstrating that impact can be challenging. During this fireside chat you’ll hear about different approaches to impact measurement and best practices for implementing those at your nonprofit.

– David Nix, Chief Knowledge Officer, Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance
– Carol Ernst, Consultant, Vera Solutions

– Charlotte Finn, VP Corporate Marketing and External Relations,

Building A Scalable Donor Experience Strategy, That’s Agile Too

Traditional methods of communications can be tough to scale, particularly when nonprofits opt to personalise. In this session, we look at emerging technologies, donor journeys and an integrated approach to mass communications way beyond the known audience. We take this further by addressing urgent appeals – how can nonprofits leverage their always-on strategies and resources for rapid turn-around to support urgent appeals – and how can nonprofits then turn those new donors into recurring donors?!

– Michael Thomas, Marketing Cloud Specialist,

Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on The Third Sector (Panel discussion)

Rapid advances in technology and the ways people interact and use technology transactionally is impacting all sectors. How are nonprofits preparing for this? A panel from both the nonprofit and corporate world will discuss how things like AI, digital identity, blockchain and digital currencies, e-donation and integration and convergence might impact the nonprofit sector and the opportunities and challenges they afford.

Want to learn how to prepare your team and your tech for the future? Join us at Basecamp Geneva on September 28th.

Salesforce Basecamp Geneva '17