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At Dreamforce 2019, it’s all about the Keynotes!

By October 30, 2019

Year after year, the Dreamforce keynotes are a fan favorite, and this year will be no different. The keynotes are four deep this year, with exciting announcements, first looks at new products and features in action, and a glimpse into what some amazing customers are doing with Salesforce.

We want to give you a sneak peek into each one of the keynotes. Agenda Builder is LIVE, so make sure to add all of these to your agenda – this will give you a great starting point for a fun and exciting Dreamforce! Dreamforce 2019 keynote speakers Keynote: Innovating Together to Change Our World
November 19th, 1pm at Hilton Union Square, Grand Ballroom B

What to expect: What’s better than a one-cloud keynote? A THREE-Cloud keynote! During the keynote, our fearless leader, Rob Acker, will share how is innovating to build our common future together. You’ll also hear from trailblazers like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Indiana University, and Deloitte, and we’ll showcase how the entire community is galvanizing to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

Who should attend: No matter what your industry or role, if you are a user or a social good advocate, you want to be here!

Why we’re excited: There are few times a year when we get to bring all sections of our community together – Education, Nonprofit, and Corporate Philanthropy – and this is one of those times! The product announcements we’re planning are incredibly cool…and we think you’ll be blown away, too!

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Nonprofit Cloud Keynote: Reimagining Technology to Put People First
November 20th, 2pm at Hilton Union Square, Grand Ballroom B

What to expect: Nonprofits need new ways to engage a wide range of stakeholders, raise funds to fuel their missions, and deliver programs effectively. Don’t miss the Nonprofit Cloud keynote, featuring trailblazers ALS and Cincinnati Works, who will share how they are accelerating their progress towards a cleaner, safer, and healthier world.

Who should attend: If you’re a nonprofit leader, admin, marketer, executive, or development professional, you don’t want to miss this keynote.

Why we’re excited: This will be one hour where we are truly focused on how we can reimagine technology to put humanity first. We can’t wait to unveil some of the product innovations to come!

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Education Cloud Keynote: Innovative Lifelong Learning for Everyone
November 20th, 8:30am at Hilton Union Square, Grand Ballroom B

What to expect: Institutions are recognizing that education today is more than a series of steps – it’s a lifelong journey. This year’s Education Cloud Keynote will showcase how technology can play a critical role in that journey for every student. Our Trailblazers, Arizona State University (ASU), and San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD), will showcase ways that they are already leading the charge in creating a connected experience for the lifelong learner.

Who should attend: If you work in Education and you’re at Dreamforce, this should be number one on your to-attend list! (K-12 schools are encouraged to attend this keynote, in addition to the K-12 Kickoff.)

Why we’re excited: Both ASU and SMCCCD are innovating in some amazing ways, and we can’t wait for them to share their stories with you. Also…product announcement galore!

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Philanthropy Cloud Keynote: The Future of Workplace Culture
November 20th, 3:30pm at Hilton Union Square, Grand Ballroom A

What to expect: Today, the future of work rightly preoccupies business leaders, employees, educators, policy makers, and nonprofits. While technology is a key driver, it’s not the only factor changing the workplace. In this keynote, we’ll hear from Kellogg’s, Deloitte, and United Way on how they are leveraging technology to deliver a purpose-driven workplace culture that today’s workforce demands.

Who should attend: Business leaders and anyone using Salesforce from all industries and of all sizes, particularly those in executive roles, marketing, human resources, or social responsibility roles.

Why we’re excited: Our special guest, Comic Relief Founder Richard Curtis, who has written and produced such movies as Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary, will speak about his own dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals and how business can achieve them with Philanthropy Cloud.


There is your sneak peak at what may be the best lineup of keynotes we’ve ever had. Thank you to all of the trailblazers who are participating in the keynotes this year. We can’t wait for you to hear their incredible stories!