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Announcing the Philanthropy Cloud Mobile App

By Sarah Anderson October 1, 2019

Mobile AppYou can do just about anything with your phone these days – order a ride or a meal, book a flight, track your steps – why not also use it to make the world a better place? Now you can. This fall, you can use Philanthropy Cloud’s new iOS mobile app to read stories, find featured campaigns and nonprofits, and donate to the causes you care about most. With a single tap, the mobile app lets you find organizations in your community, learn about their impact, and track your giving.

Philanthropy Cloud is currently available to companies that want to provide an opportunity to engage their employees in contributing back to their communities and causes they care about. But not all employees are office workers, which is why it was especially important for us to release a mobile app. Factory workers, delivery drivers, retail personnel, and many people in the service and healthcare industries stay connected with their work using tablets or mobile devices. They too should benefit from the ability to access Philanthropy Cloud on the mobile app.


Recommended causes you can give to in Philanthropy Cloud on the mobile app

Recommended causes you can give to in Philanthropy Cloud on the mobile app

Donations are often seasonal or spontaneous. If you’re used to give-and-forget, the mobile app helps keep you engaged by displaying the progress being made in your nonprofits of choice. Your app dashboard lets you see your company’s mission on social responsibility and the causes it supports. You can also read up on progress reports, inspiring stories, or the latest donation drive, and everything you need to know about your company’s philanthropic activities.

In addition, you get recommended causes based on your personal preferences, hence enriching your experience by being made aware of other means to get involved and help. The first thing you’ll see when you log in is the Featured screen, which shows all the content your company is promoting: campaigns, stories, nonprofits, and impact funds. Click on any of the images in the rotating carousel to learn about the causes and activities your company cares most about. Scroll down to find content that is personally selected for you by Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence layer.

Continue to scroll and you’ll find giving totals for you and your company, as well as any additional communication your company wants to share with you.

Your giving totals as well as your company’s giving totals.


Mobile phone donation page in Philanthropy CloudPhilanthropy Cloud on mobile makes it easy to contribute to causes you care about. You just got notified of a disaster relief campaign for Hurricane Dorian. Rather than trying to remember to donate later, the mobile app lets you quickly respond and contribute. Or you may have learned about a fellow employee’s health troubles, and you immediately respond to an internally set-up employee relief fund for your colleague.

Payment options are the same in the app as they are on the web. You can change your payment method, choose a preselected amount with a single tap or enter a different amount, and choose to give once or give monthly.

Donate on your mobile phone with Philanthropy Cloud for iOS


You can also update your profile by changing your photo and editing your personal information and giving preferences and review your giving history.

Profile page on the Philanthropy Cloud iOS mobile app

Under My Causes, changing your causes is as simple as a single tap, which toggles the box from blue to full-color and back again.

Select the causes you’re most passionate about in the iOS mobile app for Philanthropy Cloud.
Select the causes you’re most passionate about in the iOS mobile app for Philanthropy Cloud.

If you tap on My Giving, you can access your giving records, including receipts. From this page, you can easily view the details of each gift or choose to donate again.

Screenshot of a donation tax receipt

The solution is easy to use, but if you need it, documentation is also available on the mobile app. It includes a Mobile Guide, which walks you through installation and features.

Helpful guides
Helpful guides

More About Philanthropy Cloud Philanthropy Cloud is a platform that empowers corporations to put
their values into action. It extends each company’s reach by engaging its customers and
employees in philanthropic endeavors, enhancing brand reputation and awareness,
attracting and retaining top talent, and delivering greater impact.

Philanthropy Cloud leverages the trust, innovation, and artificial intelligence capabilities
of the Salesforce platform to help companies meet their philanthropic goals and
measure impact. This solution allows companies, employees, causes, and communities to come together to improve the state of the world. at HR Tech 2019

If you are attending HR Tech this year, don’t miss the Mega Session on how corporate philanthropy transforms the workplace and drives employee engagement. You will hear from, United Way, Martiz, and Willis Tower Watson. The session details are:
How Employee-Driven Philanthropy Is Transforming the Workplace

  • Tuesday, October 01, 2019: 2:15 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Room: Delfino 4105
  • Session Number: MS3


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