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Announcing the Incredible 2015 Force for Change Grantees!

By December 16, 2015 is thrilled to announce our 2015 Force for Change Grantees! is based on a simple idea: leverage Salesforce’s technology, people and resources to improve communities around the world. In support of this vision, we created the Force for Change Grants Program, which focuses on funding projects from nonprofits and nonprofit higher education institutions (both public and private) that use technology in innovative ways to accelerate social impact. This year, our Force for Change grants are going to eight global change agents that are engaged in inspirational work around the world. This year’s recipients include:

BOMA Project (US/Kenya) implements a high-impact poverty graduation program for ultra-poor women in Africa’s drought-ridden arid lands. BOMA Project’s grant will be used to create a poverty graduation app that will be field tested with women in semi-arid Africa.

Grameen Foundation (US) has a mission to help the world’s poorest people reach their full potential, connecting their determination and skills to the resources they need. This grant will allow Grameen Foundation to build out its mSourcing tool, an app that connects small farmers directly to the marketplace in Latin America via a forecasting tool, supply side modules and a sourcing system.

Homeless Link (UK) is the national membership organization for homelessness services in England. Its members provide homelessness services such as hostels, supported housing, day centers, outreach and employment projects for those in need. Homeless Link will use its grant to further develop StreetLink, an app designed for the public to identify rough sleepers (individuals sleeping on the streets) and connect them to the services they need.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (US) is the leading post-9/11 veteran empowerment organization, providing valuable resources and empowering veterans to connect with one another, fostering a strong and lasting community. IAVA’s grant will be used to build out a leadership development module and events tool for myIAVA, an online community for veterans and expand the number of veterans using the platform.

Japan Association for the World Food Programme (Japan) is the Japanese arm of the United Nations’ World Food Programme, the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Its mission is to ensure that every man, woman and child has access at all times to the food needed for an active and healthy lifestyle. JAWFP’s grant will go toward the creation of a mobile donation app, which would be the first such app built and maintained by an NGO in Japan.

Legal Aid Justice Center (US) provides legal representation for low-income individuals by providing a full range of services. The organization also addresses the root causes of injustice and exploitation that keep its clients in poverty through organizing, education and advocacy. LAJC’s grant will be used to continue development of JusticeServer 2.0, a combined case management system and portal for legal aid organizations to use to connect pro bono attorneys to low-income individuals and families.

Olga Tennison Autism Research Centre (Australia) is Australia’s first center dedicated to researching Autism Spectrum Disorders. It provides a vehicle for research activities, evidence-based intervention programs, training opportunities and collaboration between community services and research centers/universities both in Australia and overseas. The grant will further the development of TalentMark, a digital employment hub for Autism Spectrum Disorder job seekers, employers and supporters within the sector.

Polaris (US) is a leader in the global fight to eradicate modern slavery by systematically disrupting the human trafficking networks that rob human beings of their lives and freedom. Polaris’ grant will be used to build an API for data sharing across the anti-human trafficking sector, which will be piloted with the International Organization for Migration and the International Labour Organization.

Congratulations to all of our 2015 Force for Change Grantees! You inspire us and we are honored to support your work. If you would like to learn more about the Force for Change Grants Program and previous grantees, please visit our website.